Life to do the poor, the Ten Habits to see if you have

Life will be "ten evils pauper": to see if you have it [Abstract] some people believe pauper is hereditary disease". In fact, many ordinary people are the top list of the potential, as long as they can get rid of the following 10 vices. As the saying goes, "the rich but three generations"; and some people believe pauper is hereditary disease". However, foreign website lifespan reported a theoretical wealth of experts, open confrontation rich, but three generations "and saying" pauper genetic fallacies, that many ordinary people are the top list of the potential, as long as they can get rid of the bad habit of 10. 1, the cost of spending too much money is difficult to control the situation is very difficult to see, according to the survey, there are 52% of people spend too much of the habit, and they rely on the credit card overdraft in the rest of the rest of the people can only continue to divert deposits. Obviously, the moonlight family want to change the section of the elder sister is unrealistic. To set foot on the road of wealth, "moonlight clan" should be recorded on the flow of money to study from which aspects can save money, and as a basis for the development of a reasonable and feasible budget plan. 2, not enough to accumulate wealth, saving is essential. Unfortunately, in America, only 4.9% of their disposable income is spent on deposits. So the poor Cock should immediately deposit a sum of money for emergency money sufficient, and then slowly turned to other investments, such as housing or study. 3, sometimes in debt, loans to buy a house or do business is the first step toward the rich dream, but this does not mean that mad brush high interest credit card is a smart choice. Indebted poor Cock, go up the credit card overdraft amount from the highest rate, remember that card to start. 4, planning even a clear spending plans have no income, only to become rich people seem fond dream it, because it makes the poor Cock who easily find excuses not to save money and cost overruns. The plan doesn’t have to be long winded, as long as it fits you. 5, no emergency gold expert said that everyone should take at least 6 months of income is stored as an emergency fund to prevent emergencies people rush. Impermanence of life, if not prepared in advance, is likely to fall into a passive dilemma. 6, the beginning of the deposit is too late to start everything difficult to save money is the same. Time flies, money matters can not be delayed. Even if you have debt, even if the poor income or expenditure is amazing, it does not matter, there is always a lot of less. 7, love to complain but not hard many people always complain about life more difficult, the price is too high, says he’ll never get rid of the debt as the shadow follows the form and pauper’s identity. Poor Cock who stop selfreproach and excuse it, what do not change. The only way to change the world is to be brave enough to take responsibility, to find out why you don’t make money, and to work hard. 8, do not think about the future do not take the attitude of a joke to consider retirement life, the total good for the future to consider. Impulse shopping spree will only bring a debt. Quickly abandon the "now want to buy to buy, after the matter to think again," the idea for a way of thinking, "now save a province, the future of rich people"相关的主题文章: