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Lifestyle health away from cancer is well known, lifestyle factors are an important factor in the development of cancer. The definition of a healthy lifestyle is not smoking or past smoking, drinking or not less than 5 bags for drinking (female = 1 cup day, male = 2 cup day), 18.5 < BMI < 27.5, 75 minutes a week of high strength or 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. A number of scientific studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can stay away from cancer! [1] JAMA Oncol: choose a healthy lifestyle, away from the prospective cohort study of cancer from a follow-up study on health research, health professional nurse, obtain cancer and lifestyle related data by the national cancer statistics, to evaluate the association of lifestyle and cancer incidence and mortality between. The population attributable risk (PAR) was calculated by comparing cancer incidence and mortality among different risk groups, and the national PAR was assessed by comparison with the u.s.. A total of 89571 women and 46339 men in the cohort were included in the study: the low risk group consisted of a total of 16531 women and 11731 men, with a high risk group of between 73 and a total of 040 women and a total of 34 to 608 men. For women, the total cancer incidence and mortality rates of PAR were 25% and 48%, respectively, and for men, the figures were 33% and 44%, respectively. For lung cancer, women and men with PAR were 82% and 78%; colorectal cancer, and pancreatic cancer, 30% and 20%, respectively, and bladder cancer, 36% and 44%, respectively, and 295. Cancer mortality rates similar to those of PAR. Breast cancer incidence, 4%; breast cancer mortality rate, 12%; fatal adenocarcinoma, 21%. The low risk group had a higher PAR compared with the U.S. population. For the total cancer incidence, the female PAR was 41%, and the number of men was about 63%, respectively, for colorectal cancer, which was about 60% and 59%, respectively. The results of the study suggest that a large number of cancers can be prevented by changing lifestyle. [2] Am J Clin Nutr: a healthy lifestyle can reduce cancer mortality, because of this study is to explore by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the American Institute for cancer research (AICR) whether the cancer prevention is recommended to reduce cancer mortality due to cancer, total and specific types. Methods: a total of 16722 participants were included in the study. According to the recommendations of WCRF AICR, the lifestyle was divided into 3 categories. Cox regression model was used to assess the association between lifestyle and all-cause, total cancer, and cancer mortality. In addition, the relationship between lifestyle and cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality was also explored. Results: a total of 3730 deaths were observed during an average follow-up of 21.7 years (n = 1332). The best and worst lifestyles were associated with all-cause and total cancer mortality. Conclusions: Our results support the importance of adherence to recommendations for the importance of a healthy lifestyle for all-cause mortality and cancer mortality. In order to reduce the burden of cancer on the population.相关的主题文章: