Liu Zhenyun marriage is a particularly difficult event – out of Sohu Culture Channel

Liu Zhenyun: marriage is a particularly difficult event – out of the Sohu culture channel father Liu Zhenyun Washington (reporter Xiao Yang) Liu Zhenyun and Feng Xiaogang cooperation, "I am not Pan Jinlian" will be released in September 30th, and he collaborated with her daughter Liu Yulin "one top ten thousand" also announced yesterday will be released in November 11th, it was Liu Yulin’s directorial debut before her film, "God" who won the 2014 Oscar Award for best short film. Yesterday, Liu Zhenyun and Liu Yulin, Li Qian, Bei Liu, the film starring kids, Qi Xi and Sun Qian debut, for her daughter’s new work, Liu Zhenyun hesitate to praise, saying the movie is very good-looking, thrilling. "One top ten thousand" Liu Zhenyun won the eighth Mao Dun prize in literature works, divided into "out of Yanjin" and "Yanjin" back to the two part, based on the novel the second half of the movie content adaptation shooting, is written by Wu Mose daughter’s son Niu Aiguo in order to get rid of loneliness to find say "the friend went back to the story of Yanjin. Liu Zhenyun said: "some people say" one top ten thousand "is a cuckold of epic, the life we often focus on the cuckold, and artistic point of view, we focus on the epic." Liu Zhenyun also said that people often say one plus one equals two, but most of the time is "one plus one equals three". Liu Zhenyun said: "ill treatment, not disease prevention, this film is particularly welcome the couple. After reading the hand out, to prove that no problem; see half, some people go, the rest of the people can not bear to think about tolerance." Liu Yulin graduated from the New York University film school graduate school, made famous by "the little door". She had a year off, to Feng Xiaogang’s special "1942" crew training, therefore "one top ten thousand" team behind almost all of Feng Xiaogang’s team. Claiming to be the father of iron works of Liu Yulin said, his most love works is "one top ten thousand", she is reading from A to Z most times, in preparation for the movie, this book is her pillow book, read a dozen times. The scheduled November 11th day release, because the film is about the lonely heart. "I’m not Pan Jinlian" and "top ten thousand sentences," the film will be released a series of two, but Liu Zhenyun denied this year is "the year of the year" in. Liu Zhenyun said: "no year is a strange combination of circumstances and coincidences. "I am not Pan Jinlian" is a book out in 2012, but for various reasons on the shelf. Liu Yulin director in November last year to prepare for the "top ten thousand", but also in the last year, "I am not a Pan Jinlian," the conditions are ripe, so gather together, purely accidental, embarrassed." Liu Zhenyun said that the two works are sisters, I suggest that we look at, see a movie is not my good friend, the two movies are my intimate friends". Yesterday also announced a "marriage maze" posters, Liu Zhenyun said: "marriage is a happy event, but go out especially difficult."相关的主题文章: