Liuzhou’s first underground pipe gallery will be basically completed road reconstruction

Liuzhou’s first underground pipe gallery will be basically completed the road workers are on the last section of tunnel construction. Reporter Zhou Qunneng photo

nanguojinbao journalist Liao Yanming

Liuzhou City Donghuan Road East Lane, namely the original mission Road East, is Liuzhou’s first excavation construction of underground pipe gallery. After the completion of the water supply, power supply, communications and other pipelines, will be included in this big pocket in order to ease the problem of repeated repair of the road pipeline maintenance. Yesterday, the reporter visited found that the length of about 1 km of the corridor has been basically completed. It is understood that the top of the road will also broaden the renovation, the original alley reconstruction six or seven meters wide, 50 meters wide road.

pipe gallery into the closing phase

yesterday morning, the reporters came to the East Central Avenue East Lane Road see national high school, although there are 10 days to the new year, but site workers still busy.

a hook to shovel dirt quickly moved to next to another car along a front hook hook dug pit, into the ditch on both sides of plate support.

and the other hook is not the same as the steel tube of the hook hook is a large clip. According to the construction unit of the Liuzhou municipal construction site, the person in charge of the, which is used for supporting the steel plate is about 9 meters, there is a ton of multiple. The long arm and clip are specially designed, very rare in Guangxi, the construction unit is introduced from Guangdong.

has good supporting pit, the workers in the steel banding, pouring out of the pipe gallery. East Ring Road East Lane underground pipe gallery project, West East Central Avenue South, east to West River Road near the mountain, about 1 km. The tunnel in the Eastern has been completed, leaving the last section to the west.

the whole pipe gallery uses a single rectangular section, the standard section of 2.6 meters wide, height of 3 meters. Into the pipe gallery, you feel into a rectangular tunnel. In addition to the standard section, pipe rack is also provided with a feeding port and the outlet end of the wells, etc., these special settings, to Shaokuan than the standard section.

export, mainly to the water and electricity, communications and other pipelines, drawn from the pipe gallery, divided into residential areas on both sides. The outlet for polygons, there are many small lines surrounding stay, the appearance looks like a bunker.

Isolated green belt

whole pipe gallery is located in the middle of the road reconstruction. The top of the corridor is 2.5 meters from the bottom of the green belt, and the green belt can still grow flowers and plants.

line relocation to solve the problem

construction, the biggest difficulty is too many lines." The responsible person, East Central Avenue East Lane originally for a six or seven meter wide path, next are the Shuinan village villagers private room and various.