Look at the ancient town of Sichuan from another angle

bluestone paved street, wooden pavilion buildings of the blue house, the window railings carve exquisite…… The wheel of history, the gap in the process of city, the ancient town of temple, with a high profile, writing a long history retained in Sichuan.

, forceful heavy and quiet simplicity, blue corrugated reveals a deep sense of old-fashioned, red eaves adds many reiki. Residents and visitors are leisurely, wanton pace and their simple temperament is very fit. In the numerous, the aerial shot is a kind of beauty.

Nanchong · Langzhong city

The ancient city of Langzhong is a chessboard pattern of the ancient city, the north and South style in one, is the ancient city of China, "heaven and man" is a typical example of

. The ancient city of mountain and water, the city as a whole, the splendid history of humanity and the beautiful natural scenery.

Guangyuan · Huang Zesi

not only huangze temple is the only Wu Zetian Temple Temple has also preserved dug in the cave 6, the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties 41 niches, 1203 body huangze Temple cliffside images and ancient inscriptions, by experts as the treasure of traditional Chinese culture.

Luzhou · Fubao town

Fubao town (also known as Fobao town) located in Hejiang County of Luzhou city. The ancient town has not undergone reconstruction and reconstruction, and retains the original sense of history. The local tourism business development is not mature, honest. The key is that even if the golden week, tourists are very few, very suitable for leisure travel.

Chengdu · three weir Town

three weir Town, located in northern Pixian, northwest of Chengdu, 22 km from Chengdu. Three Wenyan for cutting off water made three baskets, are very close to the weir head water for irrigation is named, is a city with one thousand years of history in the ancient town is famous in history and business of the amphibious dock. April 29, 2014, the most beautiful water in the West – three weir, was approved as a national 4A scenic spots.

Bazhong ·

; grace Yang Town

grace Yang town to maintain the traditional market pattern, history of 82 ancient banyan tree decorated in ancient streets, street space and natural undulating landform well-proportioned, laminated curved, reflecting the combination of ancient and natural perfect.

Chengdu · Kaihua

There is an ancient temple in

mountains, is said to be the name of Amitabha Buddha Temple, Kaihua temple. Temple, roadside grass;