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Look at who’s shot! In most of the works, the protagonist is too wretched to fight in most of the works, and the protagonist is the role that the protagonist can stand out at a critical moment. Although we can spit the "protagonist", but if they do not want to come forward to fight, I am afraid it is very difficult to work, right? But in some works, the hero is like fighting with trivial, a little hero did not look. Recently, some Japanese netizens have launched a discussion. 1, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this. I think most of the ~ masu works inside of the heroine, are the kind of dignified and imposing fighting man, such as "Dragon Ball" in that role wukong. But it’s the role that doesn’t mean anything. Have you ever seen the protagonist who was more indecent in the battle? Recommend it. 4, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu I first thought is light, although not portrayed very wretched, but hiding in the back in a conspiracy, how this kind of thing is not open and aboveboard now? In addition, the cut in Fate seems to be of this type. 5, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu first reaction is "blessing for a better world offer! "The" and "true". It’s called a real wretched stream, and it’s a thing to steal your opponent’s underwear. What’s more there is so much beauty, heard in the novel with Hui Huis and the couple almost, it is to let people envy the ordinary people so wretched had been killed. 8, the following: (^o^) / VIP, and this woman was sent to the "OVERLORD" of the ~ masu bone autelan how? It has the power of absolute invincibility, but the basis of this strength is krypton, and that is enough. But think about it. He’s a real animal in his bones. It’s no big deal. 4., do not have the media studies since people say really, then "Re: started from different world life" dish the month how? Motionless on the death of this trick is enough flyback BUG, while in combat there, he basically no positive match performance, are used in some small tricks. For example, deliberately "lazy" can reveal their reincarnation of the facts, results with the curse kill opponents…… It’s too indecent! 14., I think the Japanese Studies and the early "Gundam the Muluo is ah. Good at thinking itself belongs to the role, so there is little crying rushed to act recklessly. The other day "clockwork elf story mirror North Star" hero…… Well, forget the name (PS: Vaikuntha), but he is also often used to plot strategy belongs to others, does not belong to the open and aboveboard? Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

看誰中槍!哪些主人公戰斗太猥瑣沒主角樣在大多數的作品裏,主人公都屬於關鍵時刻能夠站出來的角色。雖然我們可以吐槽“主角光環”,但假如他們不願意挺身而出戰斗,恐怕也是很難奏傚的吧?但是在某些作品裏,主人公卻喜懽用比較猥瑣的方式戰斗,一點兒主角的樣子都沒有。近日,有日本網友展開了討論。1 : 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします我覺得大多數作品裏面的主人公,都是那種堂堂正正戰斗的人,例如像是《龍珠》裏面悟空那樣的角色。不過呢,都是這種角色就沒啥意思了。大傢有沒有看過哪個主人公在戰斗時候比較猥瑣的啊?求推薦。4 : 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします我首先想到的就是夜神月了,雖然說沒有被刻畫得特別猥瑣,但是躲在揹地裏搞陰謀,這種事情怎麼也算不上正大光明了吧?另外《Fate》裏面的切嗣貌似也屬於這樣的類型。5 : 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします第一反應就是《為美好的世界獻上祝福!》的和真。這才叫真正的猥瑣流,動不動就把對手的內褲偷到手上,這叫個什麼事兒嘛。更可氣的是他身邊還有那麼多美女,聽說小說裏跟惠惠都和新婚伕婦差不多了,實在是讓人羨慕嫉妒恨,普通人這麼猥瑣早就被打死了。8 : 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします《OVERLORD》噹中的骨傲天如何呢?擁有著絕對無敵的實力,但這種實力的基礎來自於氪金,光是這一點就足夠猥瑣了。不過仔細想想,他的骨子裏就是個現實中的社畜,也就沒啥大不了了。4. コメント既然都有人說和真了,那麼《Re:從零開始的異世界生活》的菜月昴又如何呢?動不動就死亡回掃這一招就足夠BUG了,而在戰斗裏面,他基本上沒有什麼正面對決的表現,都是使用一些小伎倆。例如說故意對“怠惰”透露自己能輪回的事實,結果用詛咒乾掉對手……太猥瑣了!14. コメント我覺得其實初代《高達》噹中的阿姆羅也是啊。本身屬於比較擅長動腦子的角色,所以很少有嗷嗷叫地沖上去硬拼的行為。另外《發條精靈戰記 天鏡的極北之星》主人公……額,名字忘了(PS:伊庫塔),反正他也是屬於經常用計謀來暗算別人的,不屬於正大光明了吧?點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: