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Lu Zhen Zi "-" exhibition with poison Huang analysis show stunt Luna fierce duel – Sohu   entertainment; Lu Zhen Zi "-" exhibition with poison stunt entertainment news produced by Sohu Yao off the media fantasy epic "-" Diamond independent radio theater is Hunan TV hit, with the excitement of the development of the plot, the play the heat is straight up, make a lot of friends shouted: "wonderful jay!" The "city of fantasy" into "a new chapter in sibling rivalry", and Lu Zi Zhen as Luna as "guard play, in the season PK and the scramble for the throne, Emperor watchman ushered in the first confrontation, the cast of the Diablo" poison "skills, also let people exclaim. "-" in the castle and Sakura empty release for the throne of fierce duel, but still full of insight through the moon all the truth, always adhere to guard the Justice Party, the release of positive energy. The moon first came up " no lie, the mirror of " the clan castle. And "moon emperor" CP "chaos" is full of surprise, because the days of Huang mother-in-law weapon watchman, and can get their attention on the moon, so in the third race of the throne, and the emperor of the moon watchman "quarrelsome lovers" and began a poison and medicine contest, called the "master. The moon with the strongest attack, attack the emperor continuously in the audience really is on the verge of death or destruction, two of the world" feeling nieyibahan abuse ". Luna "high cold attack" image is popular, as people pay more attention to the role of Lu Zi Zhen deductive wonderful to let netizens praised: "just realize God reduction, I think this is the moon!" In her personality courage, a good interpretation of the most incisive Luna, Lu Zhen Zi and off screen but I have a little funny than full of personality, in the micro-blog PO often exhibit interesting words "tease" sister, also quite delight in imitation of Fu Yuanhui expression package, a funny character, many netizens message said: "high cold and funny than the free conversion, good love the moon!"   相关的主题文章: