Lu’an deaf girl cheated to Qinghai when the pickpocket Hefei volunteers to help them return home pigeon blood

Lu’an deaf girl cheated to Qinghai when the pickpocket Hefei volunteers to help them return home, deaf girl Zhang Xiaoli (a pseudonym) back to the grandmother around was promised a monthly salary of three thousand, who lives in Lu’an deaf girl Zhang Xiaoli (a pseudonym) to earn money to go to Qinghai, who villagers mouth "good work" is actually a pickpocket. In a steal, Mary was arrested by the police custody. After being released, she tries to help good people to return to Lu’an, but because of inconvenient communication, stranded in the streets of Hefei unaccompanied. Lu’an deaf girl wandering the streets of Hefei the day before yesterday afternoon, Hefei city love volunteer team are necessary for daily routine patrol. In the vicinity of Mengcheng patrol North Second Ring North Road junction, they found a suspected homeless girl. "What’s your name, where is home?" In the face of volunteers asked kindly, but the girl look, shook his head at a loss. "At that time, I thought she might have an obstacle to communication, so I brought her some paper and a pen." Love volunteer team leader Zhang Sanhu told reporters, saw the pen and paper girl quickly written on paper. Through her description, the volunteers learned some basic information about the girl. The girl named Zhang Xiaoli (a pseudonym), who lives in Lu’an City District Jin PI Dongxiang, 23 years old this year, is a congenital deaf mute. "How did you get to Hefei? Do you know you are in Hefei?" The question of the volunteers, but the girl into silence. Cheated Qinghai work into the theft gang, I was hired to cheat on the grounds of Qinghai, did not expect to be used by illegal organizations." Originally, shortly after the birth of Mary, his mother died of illness, his father working outside year round, and Mary from grandma. Grandma with age increasing, sensible Mary also think their out of work for the family. After the Spring Festival this year, Mary in a local hotel as a waiter doing odd jobs when I heard "can go to Qinghai to work, a salary of 3000 yuan a month." Want to make money and do not want to let Grandma worry about her choice in the Frence leave after the Spring Festival this year, and a few colleagues on the road to Qinghai "work". Let’s not think that Qinghai will become the days of wandering in her life a nightmare. "They’re a big criminal gang, and when I get to Qinghai, I’m under their control. They pushed me into their ‘work’, to give them the help they steal money when shoplifters." In order to survive, unable to speak or hear Mary helpless in Qinghai made a pickpocket, in a subsequent theft, Mary was arrested by Qinghai police. Although Mary describes being stress the fact to the police, but her behavior had constituted the crime of theft. After being released, Qinghai local good people to help Mary bought a ticket to Hefei. So, Mary car came to Hefei, she did not dare to communicate and unaccompanied to the police for help, did not think so, has been in Hefei street. Not until she was found in a volunteer team with love, she had not eaten for days. Love volunteers return home to send the victim girl Mary’s narrative, Zhang San Hu immediately took her to the"相关的主题文章: