Ma Su interpretation of funny boss the strength of deductive funny chivalrous feelings — peo stand by me shinee

Ma Su interpretation of funny boss   the strength of deductive funny chivalrous feelings — entertainment channel, by Zhejiang TV media to joy jointly produced original comedy competition play variety comedy "Nemo" will be held Saturday in Zhejiang satellite TV broadcast about 20:30. The last race this week in the second stage (stage sixth) war is increasingly intense, will usher in the second stage of the final game of artists. In this episode, Ma Su the handsome pretty costume style appearance, a humorous, righteous Inn portrayed most incisive, won warm applause from the audience and acclaim. Ma Su’s interpretation of the second stage power online audience laugh ending soon, the guests were to win the only promotion places are best. The official micro-blog recently exposed a group of photos, Ma Su handsome pretty costume styling attracted netizens onlookers, still beautiful horse Poxian woman style, lighting, stage props are fully upgraded, the magnificent scene of martial arts costume collocation let music recorded live audience to address him enjoyable. According to reports that a super attentively performance but also many laugh burden, two people adopted piecemeal Peigemoqi, caused the comedy, Ma Su pace brisk flexible action, coupled with the two funny expression is the climax of action, causing the audience to resonate with the audience, applause. Ma Su turned to one hundred desperately Niang was praised in two comedy "story", "partner CP combined harvest Longma neural" a lot of the audience’s support, attracted a lot of people like to eat melon. Netizens also exposed a group of Ma Su and pan night rehearsals, even had very nearly did not have time to sleep, but their demanding Ma Su is unequivocal hard to rehearse, comedy program group staff also revealed to the fans, to the comedy story in the latest issue of the program recording, Ma Su often rehearse until two or three a.m., eight or nine hours a day of rehearsal is to give the audience a homely food, better works. The period of Ma Su and pan "Longma nerve" this week will show how a wonderful story? CP combination and how to try? More exciting content, please look forward to October 15th (Saturday) evening 20:30 Zhejiang TV comedy comedy, let us look forward to the beautiful horse performance. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: