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Ma Su love Tibet to the world’s highest primary school – Ma Su Ma Su love live entertainment Sohu Tibet sent Ma Su to Tibet love books Sohu entertainment news September 1st, 2016 "love Tibet" love ambassador Ma Su, Yundi Li go hand in hand the world’s highest in Tibetan Primary School — puma Jiang Tong Primary school. Two people will be set up in their own name of love in the bookcase in the library of primary school, pick out the most suitable for the local children to watch the books and from the users recommended list, personally delivered to the Tibetan children’s hands. It is understood that Ma Su has arrived in Tibet in two days, followed by a strong response to the plateau, but also to advance to adjust their physical condition, to ensure that public welfare activities can be carried out smoothly. Ma Su to collect users list carefully send bilingual books as the Tibet Ambassador of love, Ma Su want to Tibetan children to bring more opportunities to contact with the outside world, so with a lot of children’s books for local children, including "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea", "Ya Ya adventure", "one hundred thousand why", "little big fable truth" etc.. Understand that many children are still learning Chinese characters, careful Ma Su also specially prepared for Tibetan and Chinese bilingual books control, to help children learn better by Chinese bilingual. Ma Su intimate treatment of small details, by the user’s bulk point praise. Ma Su landed at an altitude of 5373 metres, the highest altitude in the world love primary school has been committed to a variety of charitable activities of Ma Su, the put down the work at hand, to reach the place of love travel over land and water — puma Jiang Tong Primary School, a school at 5373. For the practice of their own, said Ma Su and the desire of the outside world children interact more, contribute to the plateau region for the purposes of their own children, washing is a spiritual journey. It is understood that caused a strong response to the plateau Tibet after Ma Su arrived, although the physical discomfort, but she quickly adjust their status, with blessing and love reading the local education support. The Ma Su in "the world’s highest library" to establish "love Ma Su, the bookcase" bring their own books and books into which sent continuously in the future. To convey their love but also for the majority of users to enrich children’s bookcase.相关的主题文章: