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"-" Ma Tianyu love and William Feng continued _26 > on the edge of the ice people – Zhang Meng; > > click to enter the video Tencent, watch "-" as produced by the Yao off the "-" hit, Sakura empty release and CaSO (William Feng ornaments) between the indestructible brotherhood, touched countless viewers. With "Hot pot Princess" Yan Dan (Zhang Meng ornaments) between the perplexing imbroglio, also a veil of mystery to the feelings of the two line of mongolia. Although in the recent broadcast of the story, Yingkong Shi refused Yan Dan, but mercy and critical moment at the critical moment of the help, let the fans have Concubine Italian Lang feeling "questions arise. The feeling of gratitude is brilliant Dan Yingkong Shi willing victim CaSO in a recent interview, in the face of Sakura empty release of Yan Dan is a kind of feeling of doubt, Ma Tianyu also gives his own views: "I think we should not love, so I grew up living in the world brilliant, Dan has ever been kind to Sakura empty release, not only to play in my healing, also saved me, so I think Sakura empty release should be regarded as a famous person, like a little brother when he was so good to him, so he grew up to protect his brother, so I think it is Dan Yan because I remember on her. So I think Sakura empty release who also don’t like, he didn’t want his feelings, he only thought to his brother freedom, can be said to be a victim of his brother." With the "old friend" William Feng predicted a reality in edge Syracuse continued leading edge in the play, Sakura empty release and CaSO are good brothers, Ma Tianyu and William Feng off screen, too. Although the "-" is the first collaboration of two people, but two people have already met the five, six year old friend, this time in a "-" meeting, Ma Tianyu also said that "very happy". Not only that, "-" is the two prophecy of the witness, Ma Tianyu said: "before the popular big IP, I’d say William Feng, Prince Ma Tianyu Everest glacier like ah, chatted over a world of ice and snow this did not expect a few years after I really played ice’s brother." Picasso and Yingkong Shi has entered the white hot stage for the king. Will the feelings of the two brothers change? Yingkong Shi Yan and Dan and how will the emotional entanglements? Please pay attention to more exciting every Monday and Tuesday night 22:00 TV drama "city of fantasy".相关的主题文章: