Made in India did not work Most Indians still use Chinese mobile phones

foreign companies in order to cope with the impact on various sectors in India, India’s prime minister Narendra modi? (Narendra Modi) of the earlier "made in India" plan. 2016, India, the local production of mobile phone sales accounted for half of total sales. But at present, most Indians still use Chinese brand mobile phone.

is reported that India is currently the world’s fastest growing smartphone market. Data show that in 2016 the global smart phone market shipments grew by only 3%, while the India smartphone market grew by 18%, showing the momentum of the fierce.

reported that China’s smart phone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2016, the smart phone market in India accounted for about 46%. In the quarter, the top five mobile phone brands in India, China’s domestic brands accounted for 4, respectively, Vivo, millet, Lenovo and Oppo. The India local brand smartphone market share in the fourth quarter fell from 2015’s 54% to $20%.

is reported that since 2015, China’s smart phone into the India market, the India local brands of smart phone market share has been declining. In response to the impact of foreign companies in India, India’s prime minister, Modi, proposed the "India made" to encourage local and multinational companies to make use of India resources and produce in India. But he proposed the "waste money" policy has made India local smart phone sales decreased. Most Indians, especially in rural India, are in the store with cash to buy mobile phones. But because the waste money policy, the Indians started saving new money available for new currency is no longer possible period of want or need, to buy luxury goods, such as intelligent mobile phone. According to the data show that from October 2016 to 11, India’s total sales of smart phones in 50 major cities fell by 30.5%. Among them, the Chinese brand smartphone sales fell 26.5%, India’s local smartphone sales fell more, down by 37.2%.

reported that the utility of more than and 150 manufacturers in India smartphone market on the mobile phone, but China some manufacturers began producing intelligent mobile phone to reduce the cost in the local India, which makes the Chinese brand mobile phone retail price in India than India local intelligent mobile phone price is more close to the people. Some of the smart phone screen, good quality, the price is relatively reasonable. At the same time, the Chinese brand mobile phone can be purchased online, and support the India language, which makes more Indians choose Chinese brand smart phone.