Manufacturing spring brush face collection system don’t worry about information leakage

ShangHai Railway Station use "machine

brush face ticket gate"

two generation ID card and train ticket overlay scan, face recognition for the screen, the face of the information and identity cards in the HD Photo than the completion of the screen, the gate open, stop. It’s only a few seconds.

2017 Spring Festival, "ticket gates, self check" also known as "face brush ticket" system, swept the major train station.

, according to incomplete statistics, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, and other large Changsha train station, both in 2017 on the eve of Spring Festival, opened a self brush face ticket channel.

through this system, the local train station told the surging news, in the staff under the guidance and assistance, "face brush ticket" speed up to two seconds by a person".

1 17, passengers at the Beijing West Railway Station, brush face pitted

it was also reported that, according to preliminary statistics Beijing West Railway Station, the station enabled 6 brush face machine, although only the whole station entrance ticket inspection 1/20, passengers can be passed through the ticket inspection manual is 10 times.

so, who are the machines that have pulled in the face? What are the powers of these machines? How to ensure the security of information in the efficient customs clearance?

Nippon Electric Limited Partnership (NEC) relevant responsible person told the surging news ( said in an interview, brush face collection system, can reduce the average waiting time of each passenger is 10 seconds. Moreover, the relevant inspection, read the information stored in the server in accordance with the requirements, the need to get multi-level authorization can be accessed without fear of information leakage.

electric and partners to participate in the development of a large area of Beijing and other parts of the face brush system.

"total arrangement of China Railway pilot"

available information shows that in 2015 the tenth session of the Chinese international rail transit exhibition, brush face collection system has been unveiled on display. In early 2016, Beijing Railway Station became the country’s first trial of the system site. But until the spring of this year on the eve of the brush face only ticket system in the city train station put into use.

take ShangHai Railway Station as an example. Before the Spring Festival this year, the ShangHai Railway Station North Square No. 4 wicket was transformed into a brush face ticket channel. In the case of the same space, the original can only allow a passenger pass, now allows two passengers to pass the ticket at the same time, increasing the number of ticket channels, improve traffic efficiency.

it is understood that face recognition is still in the ShangHai Railway Station ticket system commissioning phase, is not fully put into use, were tested only in some time.

from the experimental effect is very smooth." ShangHai Railway Station ticket gate a;