Many benefits chowhound bicycle culture festival will be unveiled at the volcano delicacy

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! In the upcoming opening of the second Haikou volcano cycling Festival, many inside and outside the island will be delicious food debut, allowing you to participate in the ride at the same time, experience a gourmet tour.

in the second session of the Haikou volcano Bicycle Culture Festival, you will be able to taste from Inner Mongolia skewers, from Taiwan knife shrimp from Beijing, Sydney soup, pig meat from Ding’an, from Chongqing, from Hongkong Hot and Sour Rice Noodles pee beef balls, hamburger from Shaanxi…… There are many delicious waiting for you to come!

in addition, the event will be in the first Haikou volcano bicycle culture festival on the scale of new mountain area farmers market and special purchases for the Spring Festival from around the province renowned specialty, riding friends can not only taste all kinds of special delicacy dishes, but also a "one-stop" purchase all kinds of goods that year.

in order to repay the registration to participate in the activities of the friends of the ride, the organizing committee specially prepared delicacy Festival coupons, use the coupons can be used for delicacy Festival consumption.

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, January 16, 2016 to 17, Haikou City Xiuying District People’s government and the Hainan channel to successfully held the "first volcano Bicycle Culture Festival" brilliant, more than 2800 professional players from outside the island and riding friends on the rocky Internet agricultural town of Haikou Xiuying District enjoy the world’s only a volcano theme of mountain bike tracks and, around the volcano beauty of the road cycling track, wonderful game screen is still visible before the eyes.

in 2017, based on the success of the first, Xiuying District People’s government and the Hainan channel together again held "second volcano Bicycle Culture Festival", continue cultivating, and vigorously promote agricultural brand influence, karst features, to create more attractive volcano festive events and activities, forming a beautiful name card Xiuying global tourism development and the characteristics of industrial town construction.

the main activities of the volcano Bicycle Culture Festival, including professional bicycle race, happy parade, Volcano Village Food Festival, etc.. Road group competition and mountain bike race is divided into men’s and women’s team, the age limit of 12 to 65 years of age, the total prize money for the tournament is $238 thousand, and the ad hoc local player award. Currently, the event is still going on, there are thousands of players from around the province and outside the online registration.

the event is supported by the Hainan provincial style hall, Haikou Municipal People’s government, Haikou Municipal People’s government and the people of Xiuying District Hainan channel network co sponsored by the Hainan channel,, large-scale activities on Hainan sports culture development company to undertake the Haikou Volcano Park, Hainan Zhuojin apiculture Ltd. Co, Hainan pansophy Xinjiang science and technology limited company to provide aerial support.