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Marathon runner iron three need to pay attention to what problems? In order to seek new challenges and try to triathlon, but does not mean that the iron three tired. Many friends love to run, after completing the marathon, in order to seek new challenges and rich fun and began to try the triathlon, but this does not mean that the triathlon is more tiring. The 42.195km marathon and triathlon (Olympic distance 51.5km 1.5km +40 km +10 km swim bike run), if which one of the physical burden of large, closed time (usually standard iron 4 hour marathon 6 hours) and distance running, marathon is absolutely correct. The risk of triathlon lighter load and injured lower. In addition, because the triathlon is running three Ranger conversion than monotonous marathon not only psychological not easy to feel tired, the body is relatively good. So although the two are endurance sports, but the burden of iron on the body of the three players to be smaller. Runner train iron three   common problem solution Q: can not force in the case of the completion of the total distance of 51.5km of the competition? A: if you have a sports foundation, Kanoue Tetsumi targeted training can be completed. But if you want to easily complete the standard iron, preferably to complete half horse’s fitness level. The couple may start from the half standard iron, to have a preliminary understanding to iron three tournament. Q: how do you run or train on a rainy or snowy day? A: bad weather conditions, the foot state will also be poor, low temperature or fall may lead to injury risk, do not have to force training. If you do not want to delay training due to weather reasons, you can run on the treadmill or riding table. Q: do you have the same exercise effect as a treadmill with an aerobic exercise? A: running on a treadmill is no substitute for real running. Once you’re not used to running, the problem is that you can’t make the right run. In addition, aerobic fitness car is not suitable for their own situation is quite a lot, so the indoor training as far as possible to use the ride to carry out. Q: is it difficult to make progress because you can’t schedule time? A: if the training time is not guaranteed, then you can focus on improving the quality of training. With the life of the time to do stretching, intermittent training, can make the body immediately active. Even if you do a weekend holiday running and swimming training, you can see the different levels of promotion. The idea of "winning by quantity" is not entirely correct. Q: if you want to improve the level of swimming, is still running as the core of training? A: if you can make sure the time to go to the pool training, then as far as possible to choose their own current level of training programs. If it is difficult to take the time to go to the pool training, you can use the stretch, strength training temporarily replaced, can go to the pool training and focus on swimming training. Q: fatigue accumulated to second days. Do you have a good solution? A: fatigue accumulation may be due to the neglect of "exercise recovery". After training as soon as possible the uptake of amino acid series supplies, then stretched or rolled foam roller to relax, to restore fatigue)相关的主题文章: