MC the world’s largest party my world national service with you know minecon– people’s game-demonophobia

MC the world’s largest Party  "my world" national service with you to understand the original title of the MineCon– people’s game MC: the world’s largest Party! "My world" national service with you know MineCon as a "my world" true love players, how can not know "MineCon"! "After six years of development, MineCon has become the largest in the world belongs to the" I "global game player gathered Party. On September 24-25 this year, MineCon2016 will be officially held in California of Anaheim. Now, with the "my world" national service together to fully understand the MineCon bar! "My world", the world’s largest Party–MineCon MineCon 2016 upcoming "MineCon" was originally a game player line organized by "my world" lovers of the party, the party is named after "Minecraftcon" named "MineCon". Second years since the official MOJANG AB officially took over the party, but its openness, inclusiveness, as well as the party line of the party’s big Party atmosphere of joy is still intact and beautiful continuation. MineCon 2016 will be on September 24th, 25 days two days, held in California Exhibition Center in Anaheim. The MineCon is the largest in the history of the session, there will be more than 12000 people involved. According to the practice over the years, the Mojang team always love by surprise announce new releases, such as important updates like heavy news on MineCon. For example, second MineCon, Mojang released "my world" version 1, also in MineCon, Mojang announced the Redstone update, provides excellent material and environment for game player and independent production of high-tech electronic products. So this year’s MineCon, is open and playful Mojang team will announce what new heavyweight news? "My world" MineCon2016 is about to start the national service agent heavy to join this year, NetEase officially announced the agent "my world" national service, will also officially participate in the current MineCon. "My world" national service to join the MineCon, and finally able to circle a Chinese player MineCon dream. "My world" in China will be full of China wind to MineCon, with a red gold combination of pure Chinese traditional elements will dazzle standing in the MineCon, at the same time the official national service will also be on the MineCon for the entire multi platform broadcast, let the game player and real-time interactive! If not to go to the United States in their homes can also be China game player at the scene in real time and how to participate in this world-class Carnival feast. (Shen Guangqian, commissioning editor Bi Lei) original title: the world’s largest Party MC! "My world" national service takes you to know MineCon "my world" Min相关的主题文章: