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"McDull" Selina movie theme song weekend play monster movie "McDull & #183; rice treasure Raiders" theme song "heart" pig soup – Innocence Tencent MV.mp4 entertainment as well as a week, the seventh film "McDull McDull · rice treasure Raiders" will be on September 15th Mid Autumn Festival with the release of "McDull 10 city advance monsters" roadshow, the film gained media, audience ultra high quality reputation! Today, the film side to enlarge the recruit, announced in the weekend of September 10th, 11, a large area of the national mapping! Do not wait until the Mid Autumn Festival, you can see ahead of this weekend "invincible innocence Carnival" McDull "meal treasure Raiders" ·. At the same time, the film is also the first exposure of the theme song sung by Selina Selina Ren "pig heart soup -" MV innocence. Cheerful rhythm with Selina sweet voice, sing the McDull call for innocence, showing a unique flavor of the "pig heart soup". MV is interspersed with the film McDull McDull with the wonderful interaction, but also reflects the unique taste of the story of the McDull film. Selina avatar McDull spokesman Selina Selina Ren calls the eternal innocence for "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" sing the theme song, because she is positive and optimistic attitude towards life and McDull is very fit. In the song she avatar McDull spokesperson, by lyrics convey McDull ideal of life – "I want to build your courage and wisdom, one day to make the world a better place" – because the secret weapon of McDull is always keep a childlike heart. As the singing songs in the "rough fish to eat, to fill the stomach; more trouble to bother, also want to take a nap," there will always be all sorts of trouble, and rough fish can not eat every day to face the difficulty of life, always can give McDull to innocence the power of. This is also confirmed from the side of the film "McDull · rice treasure Slogan" invincible innocence "jones". 5 days ahead of the point mapping and then zoom trick "monster" since August 29th, "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" starting from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, all the way through Xi’an, Nanjing and other 10 cities ahead of McDull monsters "roadshow, harvest media, audience ultra high quality reputation, it is Guangzhou media praised the" McDull "· rice treasure Raiders" is the recent Hong Kong film best". With "McDull · rice treasure Jones" premiere will be held in Beijing in September 8th, the film side and then zoom trick announced this weekend (September 10th, 11) held a national large area point mapping! Do not wait until the Mid Autumn Festival, you can see ahead of this weekend "invincible innocence Carnival" McDull "meal treasure Raiders" ·. Love McDull friends can advance into the cinema, see how to use the power of innocence McDull vs alien monster ass monster, and McDull together through a wonderful weekend. "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" by Xie Liwen who is also the Director / screenwriter, Alice Mak painting creation, Xinhua outlook, global, poly) many mutual seiho相关的主题文章: