Media Henan city is a comprehensive ban on burning, repeated orders


world wind, weather and tide. The upcoming Spring Festival, the people of Henan, some unusual.

issued the "emergency circular" on the expansion of fireworks discharge ban area after two days, Henan province environmental pollution prevention campaign of the office of the leading group in January 16th decided to withdraw and stop the implementation of the emergency notice "to suspend the implementation of fireworks ban in the province within the scope of the policy".

half a year ago, the Henan air pollution control battle began, there are 18 provincial cities have been submitted to the provincial government "junlingzhuang", referred to a comprehensive ban ban fireworks. Originally, Henan is planning to expand the scope of this year’s Spring Festival to the county level (including the county level) above the city, and more stringent measures.

comprehensive ban gun, the purpose is to maintain the air quality during the Spring Festival, haze prevention. Fog and haze of pain, the people have a piercing pain. Not long ago, even to the extent that not divided into North and south, people young and old, are not considered in the center, the fugitive haze can escape the bad mood, breathing uncomfortable……

everyone is looking for the answer in their own way, who gave birth to the "haze"?

first, fog and haze, and constantly to the traditional extensive economic growth mode sounded the alarm. Turn way, adjust the structure, sustainable development is related to the healthy China people and the Chinese nation, not to any person, any enterprise. At the same time, the causes of indecent haze, every one of us will do: every foot throttle, every piece of burning straw, a string of booming firecrackers are behind, and indulge in catalytic haze formation. For example, fireworks, will produce large amounts of dust and other pollutants, the PM10 concentration of 1000 micrograms / cubic meter up to the moment, the concentration of PM2.5 up to the moment 400-500 g / m3, serious impact on air quality.

therefore, the festival as a breakthrough, the most difficult thing to the knife, in the fresh and clean air, a peaceful and healthy Chinese year, Henan comprehensive ban gun was originally worth the point of praise.


, remove the long-standing, self purification process is a painful, tangled. After all, for the Chinese people, the most abundant and lively day of the year is in sight. Above the county, the ban on burning, far greater than the ban on large and medium cities burning more difficult, more difficult to supervise, pay mobilization, persuasion, supervision, punishment costs are more expensive. What’s more, when the Spring Festival was introduced in this paper ban, but also a little too hasty and sloppy, far less than the preparatory work. There are media reports, the ban on burning after the announcement, the Internet is a popular "Henan province all the fireworks company petition", said Hunan, Jiangxi fireworks manufacturers in Henan province and the comprehensive ban on fireworks company, that gun are extremely anxious, because there are security risks difficult to digest inventory of fireworks the more fireworks cannot be sold back to the manufacturer;