Men Care About Getting Older

Anti-Aging With the anti aging market traditionally geared towards women, men have decided to take a stand in the fight against time. Many companies are now making products designed for men or men and women. And just like some women wish to look like the Madonna’s or Paula Abdul’s of the world, most men won’t admit it but, some of us wish to look like Harrison Ford or George Clooney when we get older. By taking care of ourselves now we can make an honest attempt at beating the clock, but what about men already there, that want to shed some years? Eating right, using the best facial cleanser or wrinkle cream, and exercise are just a few of things you can do on a daily basis to keep looking and feeling like you did ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years ago. Diet plays a huge role in looking and feeling younger. Eating lots of different fruits and veggies plays a huge role in how you’ll look as you age. Sunflower seeds have the highest content of vitamin E, which is essential in fighting off free radicals. Make sure to eat plenty of beans and leafy greens, especially spinach, all of which a packed with compounds that help prevent and heal damage done to your skin cells as you get older. Grapes are also a huge factor to keeping young. Grapes not only offer protection from heart attack and stroke, but grapes can actually keep skin from sagging. Some skin care companies are even looking to the skin of grapes for the answer to wrinkles. Resveratrol a compound made from grape skin has been shown heal skin and prevent free radicals. Most of us get up every morning and wash our face. A good habit to have, but that also depends on what we’re washing our faces with. Soap and water may wash the dirt away, but what about the bacteria? Peroxide based facial cleansers can kill the bacteria, but they can leave your skin dry, red, or itchy. Try using a mild organic facial cleanser with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, or Tangerine Oil. These ingredients heal and moisturize skin, while the Tangerine Oil opens pores allowing the skin to absorb much more nutrients. Washing your face with an all natural organic cleanser will give you a youthful "glow" that every one is sure to notice. We all know that being in good physical body condition leads to a healthier and longer life, but what if you were told that daily exercise has been shown to slow cellular aging. Squats, pushups, cardio (jogging in place, jump rope, etc), and sit ups are all good exercises that you can do that not only slow cellular aging, but they’ll get you breaking a sweat, which contrary to popular belief is actually very good for your skin. By sweating your cleansing your pores of dirt and unwanted toxins absorbed through the skin. So start eating right, and exercising regularly; that’ll get your body on the right track to being healthier over-all, while helping you looking and feeling younger. Make sure to wash your face every morning with a mild all natural facial wash. Dont worry about being embarrassed or self conscious when looking for a facial cleanser or wrinkle cream as a lot of companies have unisex or strictly for men lines. Do some more research, there’s literally hundreds of ways that you can keep yourself looking and feeling like you own it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: