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Men do not call 5 hours SMS reaso red 6000 times original title: men do not call 5 hours SMS reaso red 6000 times on the 7 day, the reporter was informed that the Zhou Shenzhen people recently suffered troubles, which received a request to add WeChat red cable message, because no notice was die you call up 5 hours, called 6000 times, help operators and police, has not been effectively solved. Mr. Zhou told reporters, September 5th at 10 am, he received a phone call from the beginning of the phone number of the 132, the other side rang a sound on the hang up, then the phone number sent a text message. SMS content stated: I was hired 24 hours a day does not stop calling you a month, you need to stop calling WeChat red envelopes $100." The other side also left a micro signal. I did not care, the phone has been ringing endlessly, basically three to five seconds." Mr. Zhou calls so a not caller call within 5 hours of continuous call 6000 times, resulting in all his work are unable to connect to dial telephone. To this end, Mr. Zhou has dialed the operator’s customer service phone, as well as Shenzhen anti fraud phone 81234567 to seek help, get the reply is to try to install the third party software interception. "I can’t handle it, it doesn’t show the number." No avail, Mr. Zhou had to call the police. I went to ask this thing, the police asked me if I was cheated, I said no, but also asked me how much money, I said 100, he said that this does not meet the conditions of filing." Mr. Zhou Nanshan police learned from Shenzhen, he was the first Shan Shan police received a similar warning situation, followed by a few hours, Nanshan police have received a report of other people’s phone. Currently, the matter is still being processed.相关的主题文章: