Men sell imitation guns for 4 years was guilty of state compensation 430 thousand ca1834

Men sell imitation guns for 4 years was guilty of state compensation 430 thousand years later, the kingdom once again returned to the ground. Sell imitation guns reversal Yide road is located in Guangzhou Yuexiu District, Haizhu East Plaza, West Renmin Road, Guangzhou is the earliest, largest and most famous toy wholesale market. After many years, the kingdom back to the place where the accident. It was here that he was arrested for selling simulation guns. Subsequently sentenced to trafficking in illegal firearms trafficking. Since then, he has been in prison for four years. The trial was sentenced to 10 years, then the trial commuted to 4 years, to cancel the first or second instance and retrial verdict, to remand a lot of suffering. And after 7 years, now the Kingdom finally Panlai the procuratorate withdrawal, and received 430 thousand yuan of state compensation in October 17th this year. Look at the toy Yidelu shops, a superb collection of beautiful things. He felt as if he was back to the origin. But now that he has Yidelu and understanding is not the same. May not change Yide Road, but his own. Guangzhou, south of Handan, 41 years old this year, was born in Hebei, Weixian, an ordinary rural family. The home has 8 brothers and sisters, he was the baby. At the age of 15, the junior high school has not graduated from the kingdom of its drop out, followed by the village of the people, to go outside to learn to do mud. This is done for 20 years. In the meantime, he has been working in Tianjin, Beijing, Shenyang, Handan, most often do is to building exterior wall tiles. Only two times a year in wheat harvest in May and September. In the fall of 2008, the 35 year old kingdom was planning to say goodbye. He and his wife harvest home only an acre of wheat, sold the family pig and grain, for 4899 dollars, on a southbound train to Guangzhou, sister to Wang Shuai. Has been working hard in Guangzhou Wang Shuai, saw his brother sold the house with his wife came and asked: "what are sold, you will want to go back?" "I’m sure I won’t go back. I’m going to work here." At that time the kingdom of its determination, the counter count if you can do it here, stand firm, then the child over. Let them go to school here, to receive a better education, do not have to worry about their livelihood, as their own. Junior high school has not graduated from the Kingdom more than once said to his wife: "we must let the children receive a good education, a school (school). At least it’s better than our generation." Many villagers take the business of Wang Guoqi’s shop selling toys in Yide Road, he joined them. Because can not afford to rent a complete store rent of nearly ten thousand yuan. The kingdom of the price of 1500 yuan per month, to a shop rented a wall, took a booth, start a business. At first, the kingdom of the balloon, in a way of de toy city credit toy plane. A bag of balloons 100, a bag of 8 dollars. But the business is not good, on the one hand, because they did not touch the road, not familiar with the toy, on the other hand, he is not good at words, whenever a visitor came to ask, always say"相关的主题文章: