Meteor garden Homer Michelle Saram retired now 42 years old so long (Figure)

"Meteor garden" Homer Michelle Saram retired now 42 years old so long (Figure) leaves Shakespeare according to Taiwan media reports, the idol drama "meteor garden" aired on 2001 after holding red F4, also let in the sequel to "meteor garden 2" two "to play the female leaves Shakespeare" Michelle Saram out of popularity, when her people don’t even as the heroine s (Barbie Hsu), did not think she was in the period of retirement, red fade big screen, watch now look was the day before, at the age of 42, she was still not only thin, even the skin is tender elastic tight, freeze age admirable skill. Michelle Saram from Singapore, lovely and cheerful personality, plus a mulatto appearance, quite an audience in Hongkong, she starred in the debut of the continuous "Genesis II world love", "Qin Ji" and other TV series, 2002 performance "meteor garden" 2 angle leaf Shakespeare, let the audience know her most in Taiwan then, also participate in the TV drama "tianwaifeixian", performing in the road more walk more stable, but in the popular period chose to quit, so many fans. Michelle Saram married in 2010 Singapore GHM hotel group is the largest shareholder of Zecha son Ajai, fading from the screen, concentrate at home housewife, according to Hongkong media reports, the day before her secret appeared in Hongkong Tongluowan, wearing a white cotton T, her denim shorts, revealing a pair of long white legs, do not see is that December will usher in the 42 birthday wife, freeze the age skill quite amazing.相关的主题文章: