Mexico’s most dangerous drug gangs and police fire shot down the helicopter kamikaze love

Mexico’s most dangerous drug gangs and police fire shot down the helicopter Reference News Network reported on September 30th western media said, when 5 years ago the Mexico drug gang forces in the territory of rapid change, suddenly out of a later change forever underground game bloodthirsty gang. Since then, the US drug enforcement agency has been paying attention to the strong evidence of a criminal gang extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the pacific. This gang is a new generation of Jalisco "drug trafficking. According to the Spanish "news" website reported on September 28th, when the Mexico security forces began to surround "Jalisco new generation" region, the drug group and the Mexico army and police forces launched a real military struggle, which enable them to acquire a global position. "A new generation of Jalisco" drug trafficking by flaunting power set up a "milepost", they shot down a helicopter of the Mexico army with rocket launchers, killing 8 soldiers dead. From then until today, "a new generation of Jalisco" drug trafficking continue to create huge business and death, polymerization drugs, which allow them to become the world’s most dangerous criminal gangs. As the most prominent experience, the drug cartel in Mexico, 3 states have set up 39 cities in the blockade of the 20 facilities to block federal forces. In addition, they also staged 4 armed conflict with the security forces. In a conflict, they successfully rescued the drug trafficking group founder Theo · Nijmegen Aosaigela; · Cervantes. Extremely violent "Jalisco a new generation of" drug trafficking is the earliest bloody action in Nayarit and Colima, but has rapidly expanded to Guanajuato, Michoacan, Veracruz, Gray, Luo, Mexico state and the federal district. The Mexico attorney general’s office recently admitted that "a new generation of Jalisco" drug trafficking is the sole owner of division and forces in 20 cities in 14 states of the country’s criminal gangs, they really occupied half of Mexico. The action of the drug cartels has become a problem affecting the whole country of Mexico. There has never been any criminal group in Mexico that has had such rapid development, or so much power. At the end of the last century, the big drug cartels that dominated the drug trade grew relatively slowly in Mexico. The attorney general’s office master data and intelligence, "a new generation of Jalisco" drug trafficking is the most terrible organization in the world. Their way of doing things, the structure of the organization, the number of deaths caused by the Internet and the vast network of people to let them above the other drug cartels and even mafia.相关的主题文章: