Midwest home electricity supplier entrepreneurship list released in Hubei, Zhijiang list 9c8947

The return of entrepreneurship in Hubei city of Zhijiang Province on the list released earlier this month, Ali Institute released the first domestic home Entrepreneurship Research Report, Zhijiang province ranked "I return home entrepreneurship is the most active Midwest in 2015 ten counties (city) second. Reporters learned from the city of Zhijiang, the city’s young people to use electricity providers to return to business, mostly concentrated in footwear, clothing, cosmetics and other light industrial products. Earlier in the local footwear products online sales of xingshengda trade, commerce, trade and other business territory Kangyu company, has absorbed the local and surrounding business personnel more than 1200 people, set up shop more than 1800, on sales of nearly million pairs of footwear products, the formation of the largest province, second of the country’s footwear products online market. Some local products also catch the electricity supplier express. Zhijiang municipal government introduced policies to encourage or set up shop in the online supermarket selling self-produced Tuhuo, is now registered, honey, egg fairy fairy Qu Dian twist and other characteristics of agricultural products brand. Last year, the city sold 350 thousand kilograms of organic rice by electricity supplier, citrus, 250 thousand kg, orange, 50 thousand kg, vegetables, 180 thousand kg, eggs, 20 thousand kg. Zhijiang in order to promote the development of the electricity supplier industry to promote economic transformation and upgrading of the county, to explore the government guidance, market operation, the park gathered, industry supporting the development of a new model of electricity supplier. Up to now, the city’s total development of e-commerce demonstration enterprises 30, electricity supplier shop more than 3 thousand and 500, employing a total of more than 3 thousand people, the daily express delivery of 22 thousand, last year the city’s e-commerce transactions reached $2 billion 800 million. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章: