Migrant workers in the 10 million grand prize for children left behind to do things – Sohu-reshacker

The workers in the 10 million Grand Prix to hometown left-behind children do Sohu in November 3rd lottery Shuangseqiu 2016129th period, the Dongguan lottery has won a first prize, a bonus of up to $10 million. The day before yesterday morning, the lucky lottery Xiao Huang (a pseudonym) to the awarding City welfare center. There is a 90, is currently working in Fenggang factory. Huang said, his childhood was a left-behind children, after winning the home will help left-behind children. The machine selected 10 yuan won 10 million yuan in November 3rd, the double chromosphere 2016129th lottery, the current lottery numbers: 05, 06, 08 red, 21, 31, 33, the basketball number 14. The country opened the first prize 2 note, single note bonus of $10 million. Among them, Guangdong won 1 note first prize, the flowers from Dongguan City, Fumin Tang Industrial Zone Road Fenggang Town Zhu Tang invasion school 44100912 betting station sold, winning the lottery is a 5 yuan note 10 single ticket. The day before yesterday morning, winning lottery yellow accompanied by their parents, coming awarding City welfare center. Huang said, he began to contact the lottery from two years ago, an occasional betting station will buy double chromosphere, but do not love the number of. "The day after the lottery betting station, chose to go in machine 5 note shuangseqiu." "On Thursday night, I thought about Saturday night. Check the number one by one, I was completely shocked!" Huang said that after winning, he told his father the first time to call. "Mom and dad in these two days are not very sure, until now I look at the process of awarding procedures." My hometown will help left-behind children Huang is a 90, from Guangxi Liuzhou, graduated from high school. In 2011, Huang came to Dongguan Fenggang, now with his father in the same factory. Huang said that the child in the home school, parents are working in Dongguan, he is a left-behind children. Because of personal experience, I grew up to know what is the emotional needs of orphaned children." He said that as a child left behind, has always wanted to return home development, but also want to do something for the home left behind children, but the economic conditions are limited before. "Now the money, want to do something for them with feelings, mom and dad is also very recognized."相关的主题文章: