Ministry of housing to improve the regulation of the property market to adhere to the classification googims

Ministry of housing: improve the regulation and control of the property market regulation and control of urban housing and urban construction department in September 6th issued its official website in the implementation of the rule of law in the implementation of the outline of the government building (2015 ~ 2020), the implementation of the program. In the program, the Ministry of housing, said the table will improve the macro-control of real estate. According to the reality of the real estate market differentiation, adhere to the classification regulation, due to the city of policy. Adhere to strengthen government regulation and play a role in promoting the market, so that the real estate industry and economic and social development and the needs of the masses living. The establishment of the national real estate inventory and transaction monitoring platform, the formation of the normalization of the real estate market monitoring mechanism. Implementation of classified management of residential land supply, improve and implement differentiated tax, credit policy. The establishment of an open standard housing accumulation fund system, improve the housing provident fund extraction, use, regulatory mechanisms to support residents reasonable housing consumption. In strengthening supervision, the Ministry of housing, said it would strengthen market supervision and the construction of the team, to increase supervision of construction, real estate and other enterprises and personnel, according to investigate and expose illegal acts. Perfect the new pre-sale license management and sale filing system, commercial housing sales contracts signed commercial housing transaction system, capital supervision system. Strengthen the construction of the credit system, the establishment of multi sectoral joint incentive and dishonesty joint punishment system. Since March this year, two of the country, which is the first time to talk about the Ministry of housing real estate market regulation. Recently, in order to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market, some cities have introduced a new regulation of the property market.相关的主题文章: