Misappropriation of funds to fight the poor means of diversification of Hunan to investigate and dea-kamikaze love

Various means of poverty alleviation funds embezzlement embezzlement in Hunan and a number of typical cases – Beijing, Xinhua News Agency Changsha November 15th news (reporter Chen Wenguang) Hunan Chenzhou Municipal Commission for discipline inspection prior to the date of notification in 5 areas of poverty alleviation "yanguobamao type of corruption cases, several people involved by the dismissal and other sanctions. The 5 typical cases are: Rucheng County town of the original spring Fan Village Party branch secretary Fan Mujin, director of the village committee, etc. misappropriate embezzlement van care de grant funding reconstruction. From January 2012 to January 2013, fan Mu Jin and Fan Quande taking advantage of his position, the partnership interception of 4 households reconstruction grant funds 48 thousand yuan, of which 36 thousand yuan for the misappropriation of village infrastructure construction and village management expenses, personal illegal possession of 12 thousand yuan. Fan Mu Jin punished by removal from party posts, care de fan by the party a serious warning. Guidong County Town Village Bullock branch secretary Guo Bailin taking the grant funding reconstruction. In May 2011, Guo Bailin served as secretary of the village Party branch, illegal to receive 5000 yuan reconstruction grant funds. In the house of Guo Bailin, Guidong County bullock Xiangdang secretary, mayor Hu Zhiqiang meets the reconstruction conditions without careful examination, arrangement of rural finance staff Luo Jianhua violations grants to Guo Bailin, when he was finance director Guo Xiang Zhihong strict supervision. Guo Bailin, Hu Zhiqiang, and were subject to Party warning in the party, by the administrative warning of punishment by the president of the United States and the United States, by the Party of the people’s Republic of China, the World Health Organization. Yizhang County Rural Village chishi illegal misappropriation of funds of europe. During the period from 2011 to 2013, Yizhang County Rural Village from chishi Europe to enjoy the relevant policies of poverty alleviation in household poverty alleviation funds required to pay 40 yuan a total of more than 1.18 yuan per person, 2010 to repay the village road through the group hardening project arrears. Party branch secretary Ou Yonglai party warning. Yizhang County Water Xiang GUI Yao Cun defrauding grant funding reconstruction. In 2014, Huang Guobao served as secretary of the village Party branch, in order to raise funds for the construction of new countryside, and the village committee director Huang Germany to discuss, instructed the village accountant Huang Guozhong fabricate false information, cheat reconstruction grant funds 105 thousand and 900 yuan, 6000 yuan in addition to the village of three households and 2000 yuan per person, the remaining 99 thousand and 900 yuan for infrastructure construction the new rural building demonstration. Huang Guobao, Huang Guozhong are subject to Party warning, organized by the organization of Huang Defang. Gold Zixian Anren County town of illegal misappropriation of funds of high village. From 2013 to 2014, the original high village Party branch secretary Duan Huiming, director of the village committee Duan Wenhua used his position to facilitate the illegal misappropriation of funds more than 13.6 yuan, for the village management fees, village cadres wages, benefits and other expenses. Duan Huiming and Duan Wenhua were being expelled from the party.相关的主题文章: