Mlm Business – 4 Psychological Steps To Powerful

Network-Marketing During MLM training you will have learned how prospecting can make or break your MLM business. Poor prospecting skills cost us a lot of money before we learned the difference between selling and marketing. Marketing is all about .munication and about creating interest. It is not about getting your prospect’s interest as sales people do. A subtle but important difference. The first thing when prospecting, contrary to what you may have been told by your MLM business leaders, is that not everybody is your prospect. The sales approach says… "you got to have it". Perhaps you have used this approach with family or friends because you know how much they would benefit from using your MLM product or service. But trying to convince people who aren’t interested in what you have is a waste of your time and money. A marketer finds out if their prospect needs, wants or desires what they have. Marketing is about finding "thirsty" people in the desert who want your MLM product or service. Therefore, powerful prospecting is about finding people who are ready to listen to you and if they aren’t ready to listen, let them go. Prospecting is about sorting not convincing your prospects. In any MLM business prospecting has to be a thought process. The 4 Psychological Steps To All Marketing Transactions There is an acronym used in marketing, AIDA, and it is used in creating powerful and effective marketing exchanges. These steps create the urgency to buy which we need to master if we are to succeed in MLM prospecting. AIDA stands for: Attention – you must first get your prospect’s attention. For example… "Hi, I’m a fellow network marketer" Interest – once you have your prospect’s attention, you have to get their interest, and it has to be immediate interest. For example… "One of the things I do is help people expand and explode their MLM businesses" Desire – once your prospect is interested you need to offer them something they want or desire. For example… "If I could show you how to put 20-30 people a week into your MLM business every week, would that be worth 30 minutes of your time to find out how to get that done?" Action – the last step is to get your prospect to take action. This .mitment or decision to take action must be based on their desire and not yours. If your prospect sees the value and benefit, they will say yes, and this is where you get them to grab a pen and paper to take down the information of your presentation call or MLM business meeting that you are about to invite them to. When you put together AIDA into a prospecting script you will have something powerful. This is the basis I use to create prospecting scripts for any MLM business. The example I’ve used here is the outline of a script I use when I get on the phone and I’m speaking with struggling MLM business owners but it can be adapted to fit any business. If you find yourself struggling to create a prospecting script to fit your MLM business click on the link below to contact me and get a Free Report containing a prospecting script template. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: