More than a hundred people have made such a decision in a collective visit to the Jiangxi director f-unfccc

Hundreds of people over 3 years of collective petitions Jiangxi director to make such a decision "after investigation, the masses about the issue of Longnan County Jia Hu Xiang Town Village Committee Director Song Haoliang’s false letters for." My eyes fell on the table’s initial nuclear report, and the findings of the Commission made me deep in thought. As early as 3 years ago, Xincheng village more than 100 villagers had to clamp joint Lake Township, the county Complaints Bureau, the county forestry bureau and other units of the petition, reflecting the village cadres Song Haoliang et al reform during the use of authority for relatives and friends for self-interest in the forest, collective assets are not open, fair, transfer and other issues. The township Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Forestry Department of the county have given the conclusion of the "misdiagnosis" and "no village cadres’ disciplinary problems such as Song Haoliang" after the investigation. The villagers have not recognized this year, and once again this year, they observed the situation of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection in May. The material on the table is the initial nuclear report of the Commission, which I have been divided into after the investigation. "Your findings are consistent with the findings of the township Commission for Discipline Inspection and forestry sector 3 years ago. If so, why do villagers still petition repeatedly in 3 years? The leader of the investigation did not know what to say. "How much is the collective assets of the new town village? Which assets are contracted out? Are the contracted assets signed by the contract? Is the contract fee charged? In the process of contract, there is no village cadres power problem……" "This… We are only checking the issues reflected by the masses, and there are no other investigations. " When I asked the leader of the investigation, some prevarication. "The investigation is not factual, confused by the representation, should be good at discovering problems, boils, deep layer should be excluded reasonably to bold suspicion. The conclusion of the investigation of 3 times the same, but the masses are not recognized, which in the end what trick or something, we have to check it out." "But the township Commission, the county forestry department have investigated, and things have been over the years some of the contract can not be found, it is difficult to find out." The leader of the survey said. "It’s more than 100 villagers signed a petition, the vital interests of the masses, difficult to find, do not have the fear of emotions! We will rationale and redefine the investigation plan. " Through repeated discussion and analysis, the investigation team has reformulated the investigation program. After the investigation of Xincheng village cadres wildly beating gongs and drums, "without the villager congress agreed to discuss, without relief market contract cost; management of village collective assets, it did not receive timely contract fee; financial management confusion and village income is not accounted for, the establishment of small Treasuries violations; from the Treasury to receive subsidies and other disciplinary problems finally surfaced. After the end of the investigation, the investigation group immediately to petition the villagers on behalf of the feedback investigation, discipline and commitment to the village cadres will be severely dealt with according to discipline. In June this year, Song Haoliang and other cadres of the illegal village were punished by the serious party discipline. 同时,针对村级财务混乱的问题,龙南县监察局向夹湖乡政府下发《监察建议书》,责令其对新城村委会山场承包监管不力、管理不严,村级财务收支混乱等情况进行整治。 At this point, the collective petition, which has lasted more than 3 years, has been settled. There is no small matter in the interests of the masses, and it is not difficult to sink the heart. We should always put the vital interests of the masses at heart in the discipline review, the masses care problems in mind, the masses also only one to understand, to get the recognition and praise of the masses. (source: Chinese discipline inspection report author: Director and Deputy Secretary of Longnan County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau Lai Chunming)

上百人3年多集体上访 江西一局长做了这样的决定   “经查,群众反映龙南县夹湖乡新城村委会主任宋昊亮等人的有关问题失实,拟作信访了结。”   目光落在桌上的初核报告上,纪工委的这个调查结论让我陷入了沉思。   早在3年前,新城村100多位村民曾联名到夹湖乡、县信访局、县林业局等单位上访,反映村干部宋昊亮等人在林改期间利用职权为亲朋好友捞取私 利,集体资产没有公开、公平、公正进行流转等问题。乡纪委、县林业部门经过调查都给出了“失实,未发现宋昊亮等村干部违纪问题”的调查结论,村民们却一直不认可,今年5月再次到县纪委反映情况。桌上这份材料正是我所分管的纪工委经过调查后形成的初核报告。   “你们的调查结论和3年前乡镇纪委、县林业部门的调查结论一致,若真是这样,为何3年来村民们仍然屡次上访?”   调查组长一时语塞。   “新城村的集体资产有多少?哪些资产承包出去了?承包出去的资产有没有签订承包合同?承包费有没有入账?承包过程中有没有村干部以权谋私问题……”   “这……我们只是就群众反映的问题进行核实,其他的情况没有调查。”面对我的追问,调查组长有些支支吾吾。   “调查不能就事论事,被表象所迷惑,要善于发现问题,抽丝剥茧、深挖一层,既要合理排除也要大胆怀疑。3次的调查结论相同,但是群众都不认同,这其中到底有什么猫腻或隐情,我们一定要查个究竟。”   “可是乡纪委、县林业部门都调查过,而且事情过了这么多年有些承包合同都找不到了,很难查清楚。”调查组长说。   “这可是100多位村民的联名上访,关乎众多群众切身利益,再难也要查,不要有畏难情绪!我们再理一理,重新确定调查方案。”   调查组通过反复讨论分析,重新拟定了调查方案。经过紧锣密鼓的补充调查,新城村村干部“未经村民代表大会讨论同意,擅自减免山场承包费用;疏于管理村级集体资产,未及时收取山场承包费;财务管理混乱且村收入不入账,设立小金库;违规从小金库领取补助”等违纪问题终于浮出水面。   调查结束后,调查组立即向上访村民代表反馈调查情况,并承诺对违纪村干部将依纪依规严肃处理。   今年6月,宋昊亮等违纪村干部受到严肃党纪处分。同时,针对村级财务混乱的问题,龙南县监察局向夹湖乡政府下发《监察建议书》,责令其对新城村委会山场承包监管不力、管理不严,村级财务收支混乱等情况进行整治。   至此,这桩持续3年多的集体上访得以了结。群众利益无小事,沉下心来无难事。我们在纪律审查中要时时把群众的切身利益放在心上,把群众挂怀的问 题放在心上,只有还群众一个明白,才能得到群众的认同与点赞。(来源:中国纪检监察报 作者:龙南县纪委副书记、监察局局长 赖春明)相关的主题文章: