Moses Chan do a good job of poverty alleviation work to win the fight against poverty resolute-crycry

Moses Chan: do a good job of poverty alleviation work   to perfect style determined to win the battle of poverty — local leaders — (Yunnan) the evening of 12, our province to the video in the form of the convening of the second county (city, district) committee work conference, 10 county (District) committee secretary around the "precise poverty, really work hard, determined to win the battle of poverty" theme of the meeting made the exchange statement. Provincial Party Secretary and governor Moses Chan asked to comment on the scene, thinking and action to the general secretary Xi Jinping of poverty alleviation and development strategy, the central decision-making and provincial deployment requirements, and enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and urgency, work hard, work tirelessly to increase poverty alleviation work, with excellent style and determined to win to get rid of poverty war. Zhong Mian, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Luo Zhengfu attended. Provincial Standing Committee, provincial organization department minister Li Xiaosan chaired the meeting. After listening to the county (District) committee secretary after the speech, Moses Chan pointed out that the county poverty alleviation work overall understanding, organization and leadership in place, accurate identification in place, measures are in place, the work force in place, a window. But judging from the province, in some parts of knowledge, ideas, methods, and style of the central and provincial requirements as well as the gap between the inaccurate, untrue, lax problems of poverty alleviation work in some areas, these problems are not resolved, it would be impossible to ensure on schedule to complete the task of poverty. Poverty alleviation is a urgent and arduous task, in order to win the battle, is a countdown, not a hard task, no delay, delay shall not, must not have the slightest slack. Moses Chan stressed that we must adhere to the precise poverty, its precise poverty, poverty alleviation to victory in the first battle. To implement the precise implementation of the various aspects of poverty alleviation, so that the object is accurate, precise project arrangements, the use of precision funds, measures to the user precise, accurate because the village sent out the effectiveness of precision. To lock completely out of poverty, poverty alleviation goals all Zhaimao point, pay more attention to the overall planning, the length of cooperation, adhere to the material and spiritual poverty and poverty, poverty alleviation efforts to stimulate endogenous power. To implement as a safeguard against poverty, so that the leadership of the work, the implementation of the task of responsibility, the implementation of financial security, inspection and acceptance of the implementation. Not implemented, it will fall, only the implementation, there is protection. To test the effectiveness of poverty alleviation of the work style of cadres at all levels, and to do it whole-heartedly into policy, strict standards, strict performance assessment, the actual effectiveness of poverty alleviation on the exploits, heroes. Governments at all levels to really take responsibility for it, with excellent style to join the great cause of poverty alleviation, joint efforts, together, to share the glory, worthy of the times and people’s contribution. The provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC leadership team members, the provincial Procuratorate, provincial ministries, provincial inspection office and the provincial inspection group, State Bureau various commissions, the people’s organizations, provincial enterprises in Queensland universities, mainly responsible for the main venue in Kunming to attend the meeting. State (city), county (city, district) Party committees, people’s Congress, the government, the CPPCC leadership team members attended the meeting in the local branch. (reporter Liu Xiaoying Zhang Yin) (commissioning editor: Yu Hai)相关的主题文章: