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Mother to twin daughters breakfast: according to the season for different kinds of new recipes every day – large double mom’s breakfast. Two respondents for map and her mother a lovely twin daughter. For respondents figure in a day in the morning, eat a good breakfast, a day will ease. Of course, for a long body, long tall children, is more important — since recognized this "breakfast sayings" nutrition experts, Dashuang mother began from dawn to dusk, make breakfast for two twin daughters. "Let children eat incense is not an easy thing, you must spend a lot of time, both in shape, color, taste, nutrition." This is the experience of two mother for 4 years after the breakfast for the girls. The 35 year old mother of two Chongqing, now settled in Chengdu, but she has to help Chongqing bestie, whenever she was "tired and happy" sun circle of friends with every kind of breakfast to make her daughter when they fall over each other place like Chongqing bestie. Get up at 6:30 in the morning to do Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork yesterday at 6:30 in the morning, winter, the day is not yet fully lit, Dashuang mother heard the alarm, they quickly got up and rushed into the kitchen, because she wants to get up at 7 daughters before breakfast. Breakfast is the staple food in Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork, steamed bun, the first night will have a good package, put in the refrigerator cover after the morning, need to do is fried, so not much time. Dashuang, double bed, a seductive fragrance drifting, they immediately to the spirit, appetite. The next two bowls of steamed millet Sweet Potato Congee, kiwi fruit and a small dish of apple orange walnut peanut fruit. Look at the children eat delicious, Dashuang mother smiled. Before they eat, she has taken the day’s breakfast with a cell phone, which is used to circle the circle of friends. A year to do 365 love breakfast too appetite!" "The children are so happy!" This WeChat in the circle of friends harvest a lot of praise. However, the two mother is not satisfied, because this has become her normal life. From the beginning of her kindergarten class, I will give them every day for breakfast, I also love to play a circle of friends, so I often send things, friends are very supportive of me." The two mother told reporters, her micro signal called "mortal mirror", now have a lot of fans. Look at the past breakfast records, as did my friends like that, it is 365 days, every day in different styles: Volume floret + steamed egg + Black + milk + fruit Soybean Milk; cereal corn carrot Ding + pomegranate + Steamed Jiaozi; Rice with Stewed Beef + cabbage Egg & Vegetable Soup + + nuts fruit; fried beef steak + + eggs corn + pasta; cake + Seafood Soup + corn + pizza + Juice + fruit; nuts; nuts + + + Fried Eggs Glutinous Rice Balls colorful fruit platter…… Two mother said, the basic principle is according to the season order breakfast recipes, food, fruits and nuts have breakfast every day. As for the children to do breakfast, she learned a lot of white craft, "in the beginning for the children to do breakfast that breakfast is very important, don’t buy to eat outside, but the children are also more picky, in order to let them eat ye相关的主题文章: