Mother took the children after the divorce alimony sued the father for 9 years does not rise

Mother took the children after the divorce alimony sued because the father does not rise 9 years of rising prices, the maintenance of the child have to rise? Recently, Xiamen has quite a few mother with children to sue the father, sue that rising prices, children are also spending growth, asked his father to additional alimony. In the load, when the divorce agreed good alimony, but also can not be adjusted? Prices rise, how to raise alimony? Up how much is appropriate? To solve these problems, the Herald reporter compiled three prosecution request alimony rising lawsuit, and asked the lawyer to analyze. Case 19 years does not rise, the father was accused of the court, price increases, maintenance costs can not be unchanged for 9 years, it should be up!" Recently, Xiao Fei (a pseudonym) in the years after the divorce of her ex husband to court. As her daughter’s legal representative, on behalf of her daughter sued to raise alimony. It turned out that in 2007 Xiao Fei and her ex husband A Yi (a pseudonym) by the court divorce. Daughter to follow the life of Xiao Fei, a month to pay alimony 750 yuan. Xiao Fei said that with rising prices, coupled with her daughter to learn the piano, to participate in extra-curricular tutoring and other expenses, the original monthly 750 yuan alimony standards have been unable to meet the needs. Xiao Fei also said that her ex husband is successful, should bear 5000 yuan monthly alimony, also have the training cost, he should also bear half. However, the defendant Yi Yi said that he believes that only a small part of the training to participate in the decision of Xiao Fei, should bear. Judgment: prices rise, alimony also rose! Recently, the lake district court verdict, that the original 750 yuan per month alimony should rise, according to Xiamen last year, the average monthly wage, the actual standard of living and other factors, the court discretion to adjust the compensation fee for 1800 yuan a month. The judgment pointed out that, in accordance with the law, Xiao Fei has the right to request the Arab Israeli Yi on the basis of the original amount of the judgment to increase the amount of alimony. In addition, the child’s learning and training costs are educational expenses, has actually produced and there are corresponding documents, requiring A Yi to bear half of the reasonable basis, according to the law to support. Case 27 years does not rise, the Father also owed not to recently, Siming District woman A Yu (a pseudonym) for alimony and ex husband to court. She said her daughter sued her ex husband, often in alimony, but the two sides agreed in 2009 at the time of divorce compensation fee is too low, so the maintenance fees should also rise. Originally, she is 34 years old this year, live in Siming District, she and her ex husband Mr. Lin (a pseudonym) have a daughter, is 8 years old. Seven years ago, she and her husband agreed to divorce, her daughter with her mother living together, father every month to pay alimony 1500 yuan, until 18 years of age only daughter. However, according to the prosecution of Ayu said, the father often owed alimony. To this end, she recently sued her ex husband to pay alimony owed. At the same time, taking into account price increases, alimony also rose from 1500 yuan per month to $2000. Verdict: monthly rose to 2000 yuan recently, the court verdict, asked Lin to pay overdue alimony 2551 yuan, and maintenance fees to be adjusted, to pay 2000 yuan per month alimony since May this year, until the child reaches 18 years old. ;相关的主题文章: