Mrs. king Fang Yuan can do next year Aaron Kwok denied that the work is busy christie stevens

Mrs. king Fang Yuan can do next year? Aaron Kwok denied the busy Aaron Kwok with blue hair debut Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 7th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Aaron Kwok [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Miriam Yeung, Wang Haoer, Gao Shengyuan (JW), Variety A Night of last night attended Stars activities, just finished the concert Aaron Kwok a head of blue hair coquettish for the next year with the debut, rumors that he married his girlfriend Fang Yuan, Aaron Kwok denied, said more work has been ranked by 2018, but he said there is some good news to tell you. Aaron Kwok put on a suit type explosion appeared, with the venue of the sports car photo, with the "blood" of the foot for director Weng Ziguang, Maggie Siu [micro-blog], only white camera. When the fans on the spot saw him cheering, he waved his hand. Aaron Kwok said that since the awards ceremony has half did not with "riding" for the crew to meet blood. "Riding for blood" mentioned on behalf of Hongkong nominated for the best foreign language film Oscar, he is a film molecular pleasure, is a great encouragement to his other films have more incentive to do. He said with "riding" film producer is talking about the new cooperation, has received the script, what should be kept secret. That he is getting married next year to get married next year, Aaron Kwok immediately denied, said rumors untrue, there is good news to inform you. Will not be like Hsu Chi [micro-blog] As quietly announced after marriage? He said, "I don’t know! Carry out my character has always been low-key, but there is some good news to inform you, don’t think too much speculation and." He claims to work in 2018. Ask him so busy will not be afraid of his girlfriend disappointed? He said, "don’t say it! I hope you can give me more space, the appropriate time will be shared, temporary feelings low-key treatment." (Miao Fei) statement: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: