Mrs. Yan Ni long live all ages Yu men down to earth show not anomie (video)

"Mrs. Yan Ni" long live all ages Yu men down to earth show not anomie Mrs. Long live _38 > > > click to enter the Tencent to watch video, "Mrs." long live entertainment Tencent in Anhui, Tianjin satellite TV, starring Yan Ni drama "Lady" has aired long live, more than half, gradually approaching the end, the ratings have been among the best at the same time, old man Yu Yan Niquan ability has also been confirmed, not only down to earth show caused a lot of resonance, and the idol fan plot to test everyone’s heart of girl. Down to earth up lead resonance in the TV series "Uncle Yan Ni" to Mrs. Long live, a person alone three man offensive against Xu Yajun and Tan Kai Yan Ni take this warm uncle, the more close to life, and the differences of opinion between the husband dispute and compromise, mutual goodwill and cooperation the partners to end little real feelings, as if it happened around the audience, the down to earth performance but also caused a lot of sympathy, Yan Ni himself said in a lot of marriage may have to face such a choice: "you two people live for a long time, there will definitely be a tired, maybe one day, the other is no longer that you are familiar with, the people you know, the next day the way, see what you want, is not there with the desire, it is now Real problem." Idol fan girl heart with two siblings and warm uncle along the way, and in Yuan Wenkang’s boss fight, Yan Ni’s performance is full of young heart and a sense of humor, whether it is the opening of a god of misunderstanding or later each loss each other, Yan Ni and Yuan Wenkang feels like is the idol drama of the younger man, every enemy must be narrow, every time a grudge like in love, although the love is unilateral, but these people feel the heart of girl sprout and plot, Yan Ni and Yuan Wenkang are combined we become the most popular CP in combination, many netizens said: see Yan Ni and love to kill the boss, I would like to be in love. Three different types, the age of three different stages, Yan Ni overwhelmed in the "long live the wife," can be described as a blossoming peach blossom rhythm. Down to earth up uncle cited resonance, idol fan blasted the audience’s boss girl heart, the different performances brought about different chemical reactions. Finally, Yan Ni will be and who also became a success in hand, we are most looking forward to the content.相关的主题文章: