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MTR trains arriving in front of the mainland order design using the new network in September Beijing FRP in 24, according to Ming Pao reported that the Hongkong MTR trains first order, has completed production and testing in the mainland by Qingdao earlier shipment by sea to Hongkong waters, is expected early next week at the overland to train parking Shi gang. A spokesman for the Hong Kong Railway is expected that the train will be delivered early in the morning, with a huge truck transported to Shek Kong Train station. Temporary traffic arrangement according to the Transport Department announced earlier, with the high-speed rail project, the authorities will be 26 this month to 29, daily from 1 am to 4 am, a section of Kam Tin Road between Kam Tin bypass and Qixinggang, from two-way traffic to one-way eastbound, too about 20 minutes. MTR earlier to China Qingdao Sifang locomotive Limited by Share Ltd (Qingdao Square) Order nine column card eight high-speed trains, according to the CRH380A model as a design blueprint, and design with the Hongkong section of the operation. According to the photos provided by the MTR, high-speed rail train in Hongkong, there are two rings, while the mainland CRH380A train is only one ring. Hong Kong Railway spokesman explained that the train body with aluminum alloy, while the front is the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The two places with different materials, thermal expansion and contraction degree, so the traditional paint are prone to cracking problems, so manufacturers to enhance the design, installation of a washer, to separate the different materials of painting. MTR refers to a series of tests to be carried out before the train has been put into service, including the integration of other systems and field safety tests. Mechanical and electrical engineering department and the relevant government departments, and the MTR hired independent safety assessment consultant will also supervise the relevant test, to confirm the train to reach the international level of safety.相关的主题文章: