Multi band Shenzhen International Jazz Festival – Beijing-footman

Multi band Shenzhen International Jazz Festival – Beijing, Beijing in October 8 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Zheng Xiaohong) the evening of 8, the jazz band Horse in the new Orchestra, interlaced with lively music as one falls, another rises induced, sponsored by the overseas Chinese town of Shenzhen cultural and Creative Park "sixth OCT-LOFT International Jazz Festival" opening. OCT-LOFT International Jazz Festival has gone through six years, this year’s festival from October 8th, until October 23rd, for 15 days, a total of 27 performances, teams from 17 countries and regions, more than 60 artists continue to perform on stage. The 8 day of the premiere of the band — Horse Orchestra, by 7 from Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark musicians, their music smart chic, no rules will be put in the eye, with the Xing to indulge in play, every note is shining the light of freedom, the traditional jazz and breakthrough the perfect combination of modern music experiment. The second show was followed by Henri Texier Hope quartet from French bass master Henri Texier led. If the rich bass drum roaring, roaring, extremely elegant and valuable. Scattered and powerful drums staggered reverb, jumping rhythm and stick, like huge clouds covered. According to organizers, the current Jazz Festival program still reflects the diversity of the organizers of the show. Both beginners or senior fans "game player", prefer lively "small fresh" or "preference of avant-garde experimental hardcore", can be found for their performance in the programme. Only two of the Chinese band Jazz Festival lineup: "red scarf", "non – empty", they will China elements and the combination of jazz, the exotic music of the Chinese land had a new life. "Non – virtual" three performers to subvert the traditional playing musical instruments China method, with the attitude of the experiment to explore new directions in music, pipa, Sheng, guzheng and revitalize national musical instruments in their hands, become an independent school. In addition to the performances of the unit, the Jazz Festival also set up seminars and workshops unit, rich and colorful one, Rare Noise records co-founder Giacomo Bruzzo will share Rare Noise records the history, attitude and philosophy, to detect contemporary music. (end)相关的主题文章: