Multi sector education funding statistics must be objective to ensure the quality of data

Multi sector: education funding statistics must be objective and ensure the quality of data – Beijing, Beijing, September 28, to further strengthen and improve the education funding statistical work, statistical behavior norms, improve the quality of statistics, the Ministry of education, the National Bureau of statistics, Ministry of Finance jointly issued on the strengthening and perfecting the educational finance statistical work for the views, opinions proposed education funding statistics must reflect the reporting unit of education funds income and expenditure etc., shall not be false omission concealed, and ensure the quality of data. Opinions put forward, strictly according to law. In strict accordance with the "People’s Republic of China statistical law" and other laws and regulations and educational funding survey system, the implementation of educational funding statistics. The Ministry of education in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, with Chinese education development and reform of the financial system, from the general international statistical standards, to take the lead in the design of index system of scientific and standardized, unified and complete the formulation of the national annual and quarterly expenditure on education statistics system, fully reflect the education scale, structure, features and benefits. Report system is approved by the National Bureau of statistics, for the country to fill the use. The provincial education departments in the implementation of the statistical reporting system based on the unified national education funds, according to the actual needs of work and management, refinement and expansion of the provinces to report information, the approval of the provincial people’s government statistical agencies, for the province to be used. Opinion pointed out that a clear division of responsibility. The Department of education, Department of finance organization and implementation of education statistics, according to levels of responsibility, territorial management "and" who is in charge, who audit reporting, who, who is responsible for the principle of performing the educational finance statistical functions. At all levels of the education sector is mainly responsible for the statistics of the education organization responsibility, the education statistical investigation is mainly responsible for the departments (units) education statistics reporting work responsibility. The education departments at all levels to strictly implement the data collection, data review and summary, analysis, reporting and statistical data archiving process; the education statistical investigation according to the law to fulfill the obligations of education funds of the reporting statistics, reporting, audit, signed the statistical data authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the responsible, and ensure the orderly conduct of the work of statistics. The relevant departments and schools shall, in accordance with the approved statistical investigation system, timely provide the data needed for the education budget statistics to the Statistics Department of the education department at the corresponding level. Opinions stressed that improve the quality of data. Funding for education statistics must reflect the reporting unit of education funds income and expenditure etc., shall not be false omission concealed, and ensure the quality of data. All localities should establish a sound educational finance statistical data quality control system, each link, each clear job responsibility, realize the whole process of statistics system and procedure, standardization, security statistics data is true, accurate and complete. To establish and perfect the system of grading examination statistics layers of responsibility, Cengcengbaguan, to ensure that the method is scientific, comprehensive and accurate data audit; coordination mechanism and establishment of financial budget and business statistics data, so that the source of control, exchange of information; establish the basic unit of healthy education funding statistics directory, so should the system to make the.相关的主题文章: