My editor how to break my new year’s Spring Festival

today is the last day of 2016 — New Year’s Eve, tomorrow will usher in a major festival once a year — the Spring Festival, here I wish buddy in the new year, good luck, born under a lucky star to work smoothly and healthy. During the Spring Festival, whether relatives, friends or go out to play, can be in the mobile phone application help to simplify, add more convenient and fun for your spring festival. I recommend 10 Spring Festival period he was using APP, I want to use these APP can let you play the spring festival.

Spring Festival must APP Royal war

during the Spring Festival in your spare time to the tour started to pass the time, "the Royal war" by the Finland famous game company "super cell" (Supercell) launched by "tribal conflict" role and view of the world as the prototype, adding real-time strategy, MOBA and other elements of the card battle Mobile Games leisure. A launch on the App  Store editor selection, combined with real-time strategy and card combination, innovative gameplay to make the game popular in the world.

"Royal war"

"Royal war" on the one hand and simplify the complexity of MOBA games, set 3 minutes a game game every time, select up to 8 cards of the design also greatly simplifies the battlefield; on the other hand, through the card hierarchy and continue to introduce new cards, to provide re playability with the depth of the game, strategy game g relation between architecture and spell system based on the constructed very competitive play.

Spring Festival must APP Earbits

listen to music in addition to NetEase cloud music, your mobile phone can also be installed on the Earbits music APP, this is a professional music radio, music style has a clear division and subdivision, the style is very rich, not only classical, electronic, blues these big classification, and Alternative  Rock, Rock, Art  Classic  Rock these small classification. And every day will update the new music, free, no subscription, no commercial push or advertising.


Earbits in addition to music also gathered musicians and record companies. When you find your favorite music, you can learn about its creator. By clicking on the creator’s Avatar, you can see his album, which songs he has collected, the photos and profiles of musicians. Earbits does not provide attention to the music of the service, but you can subscribe to the music by e-mail push.