My pancreas is model worker

"love aunt" is my pancreas, is your pancreas, all of us in the pancreas, she is the hero of the story.

is responsible for the name of the president said: we have to cherish the pancreas, she called love pancreas is very good, love the pancreas – "I pancreas" is not "my pancreas" mean? We love a little adorable, called aunt.

then, "love aunt" was her name.

love aunt of the day was good, in fact, the owner of the body, "good" is defined as the owner paid no attention to the existence of love.

The main work of

love aunt is responsible for the production of insulin, insulin "key" with the key, she can open the door to help the host cells, glucose from the blood brothers into the body cells.

owners like food, food, sent a lot of glucose brothers, wave after wave.

love aunt only very hard every day to complete the work, day after day.

this day, love aunt finished the day’s work, but found in the blood vessels happened a little big brother: the quantity of glucose more than the past, they are laughing and playing, like monkeys, the vessel as a slide, wandering back and forth, have fun.

they are happy, the owner of the world was a major event stalls: love aunt masters at the moment is very happy to listen to the doctor’s diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

aunt also love a little unhappy, year-end bonus hard year seems to be wasted! She directed brothers are playing the glucose roared: "! I send you away!

seems not to rest, she patted the side of the small assistant Berta’s head: "David, let’s stay busy for a while, would love to invite you to eat the delicious!"

love aunt assistant Beckham, had an odd name in the master of the world, called beta cells, it’s flashing eyes, looked tired. I looked at Aunt looking eyes, it sensible nodded, and then began to spit out the insulin key, love aunt with these "keys", open the cell door, one by one put in blood glucose brothers wandering away.


love aunt very hard, but still feel a bit powerless, usually only need a key to open the door to insulin cells, today to open with two or three to the poor Beckham, tired like a dog, keep breathing, insulin key quickly supplies on. Love aunt did not know this phenomenon, she met, called on the owners of the world: "insulin resistance".

in the coming days, Beckham and her face in history — the most serious situation, although they are overworked, brothers in blood vessel are glucose;