My war film was scolded for what it was

The movie "my war" has been criticized for what it really is. [Abstract] the film itself is indeed the same as the director Peng Shun, and the values are not the same as the films. Not oversell the winner’s meaning, no previous theme of the film to promote patriotism, heroism, meaning, the relative convergence of more subtle. "My war" Liu Ye in the death rate of the ultimate notice on Tencent (text editor Zhao Zhenzong entertainment Zhuangao Jie son) "my war" is not released on fire, just "fire" is not decent. The reason lies in the value of the deviation of the publicity film. The two day of this Promo controversy has been in the media, a few words and then briefly summarize the whole event: a group of Chinese film industry old artist, played a group of South Korean tourists to old age group. The South Korean tour guides thought the old team first came to South Korea in Seoul, just to be open, but this group of old Korean War veterans, they in a triumphal tour with a South Korean woman recalling that time, by the way about "my war". The film sparked a debate about "war and peace", which was even more than the film itself. So, what exactly is the movie? Really like the promo? Look at the entertainment Tencent in advance of screening, "I tell you what the war" said. "My war" to the small figure on the battlefield of common people hero stories and simple words of love moving down to earth "my war" story of Liu Ye, Wang Luodan and Tony Yang played in the young soldier in combat, before departure, several young people encounter dark feelings, results as the war progressed several stars, suffered a lover, family, friends Shenglisibie, fate has changed. Director Peng Shun said that the film is about the story of the little man: "I do not like many of the heroes in the film itself, fighting immortal, very powerful, nothing to fear. I very love but when I received the teacher Liu Heng script, because he is not a hero said, is a small figure, and how to face the war inside, then there is also very touched by love. This is one of the best points of my war." I played Liu Ye in "war" in the commander Sun Beichuan, that can only say "I want to kiss you"; with Tony Yang to exchange their sweetheart written confession letter will only write "love you to death", through a simple and lovely down to earth. Peng Shun director said "I believe these little feelings will feel now in the audience, separate, and love people like father and son’s departure, you will feel in reality, so the movie will be very touched." The film is fast-paced and has wonderful scenes of war scenes of war is not straightforward fast-paced theme movie publicity in "my war" controversy after the emergence of director Peng Shun through micro-blog voice "the trailer is not guided by him, and was not associated with the movie content." Indeed, as the film director Peng Shun said, values and promotional films are not the same. The film did not oversell the winner’s meaning, no previous theme of the film to promote patriotism, heroism, meaning, the relative convergence of more subtle!相关的主题文章: