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Na Ying – split pants insurance exposed   foot shoes fall risk — entertainment channel — "new song" Chinese tutor assessment match each broadcast, the discussion will set off a fashion topic. Before Jay Chou led the students to play China wind, after Harlem Yu and Mavis Fan interpretation of India style. On Friday, the show will usher in the final round of the Na Ying group five battle, known as China’s good coat hanger, said the fashion is going to the end of the Na Ying. The gradient blue streaked hair highlight fashion, foot shoes overbearing, but the most eye-catching is surrounded by transparent high waist pants down, not only full of sense of design, but also almost let Na Ying exposed. In half a month ago, Na Ying wore a fringed clothing appeared in a fashion show, plans to launch the first personal fashion brand, is now officially involved in fashion she will be "the style" fun "new song" to the stage. The show, Na Ying in blue streaked hair appearance, black fluffy coat collocation, seemingly formal dress but do not have a design, set aside a large part of the cuff arm hollow, looming like a pair of wings on both sides of the bow is to add a lot of flavor. Even if the upper part of the body other than the fashion sense of bursting, lower body wearing eye-catching. Black waisted pants down almost all the audience’s eyes focusing field. Left foot trousers down the extent of encroaching the waist, from the front, Na Ying walked to the left leg glance. The designer is not playing in the right side of the cut rule, cut out of a fork, it is directly to the hip position, this also let Na Ying in the face of the media scene almost emptied. No matter how the lens shot, this dress can be a full range of exposed Na Ying slender thighs. After the photo exposure, there are users refer to such a design sense is only suitable for clothes in the T stage, in the show too easily emptied, even the cover can’t cover ", also the netizen says" that sister figure is so great that only you can handle such clothes". In addition, Na Ying foot shoes was carefully escorting Harlem Yu Lang, reminder "be careful before someone almost fell". Na Ying said to which a first line in the show is not easy, that helped her to run back and forth between his mentor chair and telescopic bridge. Although Lang Lang’s Cross will wipe out what kind of spark will have to see the broadcast, but the details, Lang Lang will have another new skills to help the teacher to play to the most incisive. More exciting lock on Friday 21:10 Zhejiang satellite TV, "China’s new song". (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: