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Nanchang subway 278 days to send 57 million 370 thousand passengers   — Jiangxi — Nanchang Metro first channel officially unveiled in a panoramic view. Unconsciously, the people of Nanchang has been inseparable from the subway travel. As of September 28th, the Nanchang subway security operations for 278 days, transporting 57 million 370 thousand and 200 passengers, the average punctuality rate of 99.95%, the average exchange rate (scheduled departure) 99.95%. With gradually pulled out a new dress in the subway panoramic chartered, Nanchang subway ride environment has been further optimized. In the future, the Nanchang Metro will still be to protect the safety of the operation as the primary task, and constantly through new forms of creativity, for passengers to bring a more comfortable driving environment. Safe operation of the 278 day of the opening of the subway line trial operation, declared Nanchang into the subway era of the 1". At 6 o’clock every morning, it took the first wave of early passengers to start; 22, it accompanied the late night passengers to return. The subway has become an inseparable part of the city. Yesterday, reporters from the Nanchang Railway Group operating company was informed that, as of September 28th, Nanchang Metro Line 1 has been the safe operation of 278 days, opened a total of 85197 times, 306 times, the average daily passenger traffic between about 6.5 minutes; total passengers transported 57 million 370 thousand and 200 passengers, daily transporting passengers reached 206 thousand and 400 passengers. In addition, in the past 278 days, all the average punctuality rate was 99.95%, the average exchange rate of 99.95%, higher than the national standard. Zhou Songwei, 26 years old, is the first generation of Nanchang rail transit group. "The rail is the two leg of the train, and the crack detector is the doctor who sees the rail. We do this line, there is no mistake mistake, but don’t make mistakes." Metro Line 1 opening date, Zhou Song and his team of micro manual inspection of rail 15146.3 km, check 16617 fork group, 19100 rail bend check. Nanchang Metro Line 1 has been opened in a smooth and orderly, can not do without Zhou Song micro hard work. It is understood that a total of 2300 people involved in the operation of Nanchang subway, the work of the 22. In order to achieve safe operation, Nanchang rail transportation group operating branch in grasping the party building, grasping services, security, while increasing the intensity of personnel training. The company has designed a total of 10 urban rail transportation professional teaching materials, and strive to build a team of professionals trained in Nanchang subway team of their own 23. In a panoramic chartered in August 24th, the "Lotus impression" incorruptible culture theme out of the train, the first column of Nanchang officially unveiled in a panoramic view. Does this theme train from Nanchang City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of Nanchang, the Nanchang Railway Group to create a joint, "into the environment and products of rhyme, lotus lotus lotus, meaning" as the creative starting point, using 3D painting process, the original design, after more than 2 months, the ecological environment of lotus pond and rhyme, panorama show type. The emergence of this form, immediately caused a sensation, passengers have taken pictures. Then, some train to Wanda marine park as the theme has been opened, passengers sit on the subway, you can feel)相关的主题文章: