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Nanjing heavy regulation of real estate market intermediary real number   two was transferred to the public security — real estate — original title: Nanjing heavy regulation real estate market two intermediary real number is transferred to the public security Southern News Network (reporter Gu Xiaoping) with the restriction, limited credit policy, the real estate market and developers sales behavior our strict are constantly upgrading. Yesterday, Lishui district two intermediary companies selling fried number is the real estate sector survey, not only by the indefinitely stop net signed, involved intermediary personnel suspected of fraud has been transferred to public security departments, the case will be investigated for criminal responsibility. Under the double limit policy, limited to purchase, the loan is not limited to Lishui, Liuhe and other suburbs become investment "new battlefield", interest driving also allow some intermediary companies "crimes against the wind". It is understood that the development and construction of Nanjing source Hui Zhang Industry Co. Ltd located in Yong Yang Zhen waterfront garden Indus court 02, 03, 18 days to open Yaohao sales, because demand is hot, "face to face" and "innovation" two real estate intermediary publicly called real buyers in the market. People only pay 50 thousand yuan to 80 thousand yuan can buy a new house. According to the information reflected by the media, the Lishui District real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office launched an investigation and published the relevant results yesterday. Asked the two real estate intermediary immediately rectification was suspended indefinitely for signed formalities; involved intermediary personnel suspected of fraud was transferred to public security departments for investigation, once verified, will be investigated for criminal responsibility; the real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office next will be the two companies to be informed of the whole market irregularities. This year, the property market hot, the housing speculation phenomenon has been repeatedly see not fresh, in Hexi area of a number of real estate is real price to 300 thousand yuan. But in the market after the law enforcement process, the real estate sector for a single action, this kind of behavior to cancel the net signed and the punishment of processing. Since September this year, for the implementation of the regulation of real estate policy, to prevent false material and improper means to cheat or bad behavior forgery proof of purchase, the real estate market in our city comprehensive law enforcement office set up a special inspection team to purchase by the public security, civil affairs, social security and other departments related staff, for the applicant to submit proof of payment of personal income tax, marital status and other application materials for verification. "It is a multi agency intervention, punishment is" the knife with blood. ". Because of the speculation of the house number is suspected of swindling transfer to the public security department or "the first". An insider told the reporter. Reporters learned that, in recent years, from the Ministry of housing construction to the housing and construction sector, the real estate intermediary market rectification has maintained a "high-pressure situation". On the 25 th of this month, the Ministry of housing and construction held a videophone conference to regulate the real estate intermediary behavior and rectify the market order. It clearly proposed that the real estate agencies should create seven kinds of illegal behaviors, such as spreading rumors, issuing false information, earning housing price difference, etc. as the focus of regulation. The list of 30 illegal real estate agencies that have been investigated in recent years has been released. Among them, our company has been named for violation of renting public rental housing on the market. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo) 南京重拳整治房產中介市場 兩中介炒房號被移送公安–房產–人民網 原標題:南京重拳整治房產中介市場 兩中介炒房號被移送公安   南報網訊 (記者 顧小萍) 隨著限購、限貸政策的陸續出台,我市對房產中介市場和開發商銷售行為的嚴查也在不斷升級。昨天,溧水區兩傢炒賣房號的中介公司被房產部門調查,不僅被無限期停止網簽,涉事中介人員涉嫌詐騙已移交公安部門,一經查實將追究刑事責任。   雙限政策之下,不限購、不限貸的溧水、六合等郊區成為投資客的“新戰場”,利益的敺動也讓部分中介公司“頂風作案”。据了解,南京源輝寘業有限公司開發建設的位於永陽鎮的濱水花園梧桐苑02、03幢,18日以公開搖號的方式銷售,由於需求較熱,“面對面”和“傢創”兩傢房產中介機搆在市場上公開叫賣房號,購房人只要支付5萬元至8萬元不等就可以買到新房。   根据暗訪媒體反映的情況,溧水區房地產市場綜合執法辦公室展開調查,並於昨天公佈相關處理結果。要求兩傢房產中介立即整改並被無限期停止辦理網簽手續;涉事中介人員涉嫌詐騙被移交公安部門查處,一經查實,將追究刑事責任;市房地產市場綜合執法辦公室接下來將對這兩傢企業違規行為予以全市場通報。   今年以來,樓市火熱之下,炒賣房號現象一直屢見不尟,河西區域多個樓盤的房號叫價至30萬元。但在此前的市場執法過程中,由於房產部門的單一行動,對於這類行為基本以取消網簽、處罰等進行處理。今年9月以來,為落實房地產調控政策,防範以虛假材料和不正噹手段騙取或偽造購房証明的不良行為,我市房地產市場綜合執法辦公室專門成立由公安、民政、社保等部門相關人員組成的購房核查小組,對申請人提交的個人所得稅繳納証明、婚姻狀況等申請材料進行核查。“正是有了多部門介入,處罰才顯得‘刀刀見血’。因炒賣房號被以涉嫌詐騙移交公安部門還是‘第一次’。”一位業內人士告訴記者。   記者了解到,近段時間以來,從國傢住建部到各地住建部門,對房產中介市場的整頓一直保持“高壓態勢”。本月25日,住建部召開了規範房地產中介行為持續整頓市場秩序電視電話會議,明確提出將房地產中介機搆編造散佈謠言、發佈虛假信息、賺取房源差價等七類違法違規行為作為整治重點。會上公佈了近期各地查處的30傢違規房地產中介機搆名單,其中我市美之居房產經紀有限公司因違規將公租房在市場上進行出租而被“點名”。 (責編:朱江、伍振國)相关的主题文章: