Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge will be closed in the future travel patterns will change cibi

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge officially closed in the future will change the way of travel in 1968, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge opened to traffic. 48 years of operation, the actual load of the bridge is far beyond the original design standard load, traffic flow is far more than the design flow. Yangtze River bridge will be held on 22:00 yesterday closed construction, which lasted 27 months, during the closure of pedestrians, non motor vehicles and motor vehicles are unable to pass, then Yangtze River bridge river traffic will be diverted to the Yangtze River, Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Bridge Tunnel tunnel; pedestrians and non motor vehicles through the subway, bus, ferry across the river. Yangtze River bridge closed to traffic during the anticipation of the bridge crossing the river flow of about 85 thousand cars a day, closed, most of the vehicles from the bridge traffic will be diverted from the Yangtze River tunnel traffic, the average daily traffic is expected to reach 100 thousand units, more than 20 thousand of design flow; small part will pass from the long river tunnel, is expected to average daily traffic the flow will be close to 90 thousand vehicles. It is expected that the average daily traffic will exceed the design maximum flow, is bound to cause the Yangtze River Tunnel Traffic congestion. At the same time, there are many traffic accidents in tunnel, which is difficult to control. How convenient travel for you, Milo to fully answer 1, Pu Si Lu Ning vehicle (1) main guide line: the Spark Road – along the mountain road – to the Yangtze River tunnel, the Yangtze River tunnel, Nanjing bridge crossing the river along the road guide sign has been added. (2) Pu Si Road – Jiangbei Avenue – South from the Yangtze River tunnel, the Yangtze River tunnel, Nanjing bridge across the river to the north of Nanjing; or from the bridge across the river, the existing road traffic signs. 2, Bridge Road Northeast area residents (along the street, Taishan street, northeast area) (1): the State Road, West Pu Pu Si Road Interchange – Jiangbei Road or Tai Feng Lu, Jiangbei Road; (2) the south line: one is the Liuzhou road or road – Liuzhou road – Mills Jiangbei Avenue; the two is the River Road, Pu Chu Road, Pu Road, Zhujiang east bridge; (3): North Binjiang road – Pudong road – Pu Chu Road, Pu Road, pearl; 3, South Bridge Road area residents (1) the main guide line: Liuzhou road – Spark Road – Jiangbei Avenue (Liuzhou 2); road – Pu Chu Road, Pu Road, pearl; 4, Pukou port area (1) Pu Park Road – Liuzhou road – Pu Chu Road, Pu Road, pearl; (2) Pu Park Road – Pudong road – Pu Chu Road, Pu Road, Zhujiang Road; (3) – Malaysia Road, Pu Chu Road, Pu Road, pearl; (4) – Xing Pu Road North Wei Road, Jiangbei Road, high-tech Development Zone 5 area; (1) the main guide line: Spark Road, East Road, along the mountain road, Pu Zhen Street — the Yangtze River tunnel, or south through the Yangtze river tunnel, Nanjing River Bridge; (2) the new Kumho Road, Xuefu Road, Pu Si Road, high road, Jiangbei Road; 6, Pu factory, top mountain area from the riverside Factory Road, Pearl Street, Pearl Road, Shifosi area road Pu Road, along the mountain until the Pearl River Avenue, Avenue Road, urahama Pu Zhen choose Guojiangtongdao across the river. 7, non motor vehicles crossing the line of non motor vehicles mainly by Pu Chu Road, Pu Road – Road – – Pukou River pier. Viaduct south road is not closed Qinhuai District, Yuhuatai District, Jianye District, Jiangning District, the Pearl River town,.相关的主题文章: