Nanning, this winter I just pass you by

Nanning, I just pass you by

text / Liu Zhiqiang

yearning Guangxi Nanning has been very long, but has not gone. I would like to take a walk in the streets of Nanning, walk in the field trail, perhaps, really, just look at the scenery there.

thought for a long time, until the last few days of 2016, I finally came to the long-awaited Nanning, the water of the city.

in December 20, 2016, after studying in Xiamen, I went straight to Nanning. That night, I was sitting in a hotel in Xiamen to book a plane ticket, almost never thought in the brain, click on the flight from Xiamen, Nanning.

, who was sitting next to me, asked me, are you sure you want to go to Nanning? I said, go, be sure to go, I want to see a good friend of mine, in addition, I would like to see the scenery. Especially in the winter scenery, how and my hometown Qinghai is not the same.

actually, when we decide one thing, we sometimes think a lot, but only a little. And sometimes, the things we decide in a flash are often the best things. And I often do, before doing a thing, there is almost no comprehensive thinking and analysis.

since 2006, I have been walking on the road. At the beginning, I walk in my hometown, I interviewed my writing, I take pictures, a few years, I went through the mountains and rivers in Qinghai and Gobi grassland, many precious photos are recorded in the hands of the camera.

since 2008, I’ve been walking all over the country. And every time I go to a place, will be careful to find the scenery and every moment there. I think, I should record every piece of land, even though, some places just pass by, then I will be hard to feel, to cherish.

Nanning is such a place. Although, I stay in Nanning for only three days, but in the past three days, I feel the beauty of Nanning and plain beauty.

when I came to Nanning on the night of my good friend Hu Yan received me, and invited me to a local restaurant to eat most of the characteristics of the best dishes. Hu Hu, a good friend said to me, Nanning is a long history of the ancient city of culture, but also a multi – ethnic harmony in the modern city, the Zhuang nationality is a local indigenous people.

in fact, as early as before, I know that Nanning is a multi-ethnic region, especially the Zhuang, in my heart full of magic and curiosity.

that night, I ate a meal with Hu Yan, along the South Lake Park on the side of the chat;