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National Development and Reform Commission: salt price will not be abnormal fluctuations – Finance – People’s original title: National Development and Reform Commission: salt prices will not fluctuate abnormally     China is about to open up the price of salt. National Development and Reform Commission announced yesterday that since January 1, 2017, the release of salt factory, wholesale and retail prices, according to the production and operating costs of enterprises, salt quality, market supply and demand and other factors independently determined. How to protect the salt market and prices basically stable, the national development and Reform Commission responsible person, the implementation of the program, the reform of salt industry to release the price of salt, on the whole, fully protect the salt market supply, common salt prices will not appear abnormal fluctuations, the country will also take various measures to safeguard the salt market and stable prices. The reason why the price of salt, because salt resources in our country is very rich, salt production over the years more than sales. In May this year, the State Council issued the "plan" the reform of the salt industry, decided to promote the reform of the salt industry, improve the salt monopoly system, break the salt production enterprises can only be sold to the wholesale business, salt wholesale enterprises can only be specified in the specified provisions of the scope of sales, allowing salt production enterprises to enter the circulation and sales areas, allowing salt wholesale enterprises to carry out cross regional business overall, establish a competitive market structure, the price of salt it has liberalized conditions. Data show that in 2015 Chinese crude salt production capacity of 113 million 450 thousand tons, consumption was 88 million 760 thousand tons, of which the salt consumption is only 10 million tons. China’s salt market supply of the main body, the registration of salt production enterprises have 300 or so, circulation enterprises is more than 4000. Market participants predict that after the price liberalization, the price of ordinary salt may be due to the parties to seize the market decline. But the salt price is lower and the salt is a necessity, which determines the consumer’s price sensitivity is very low. In the price liberalization after introducing competition, more in line with consumer demand for personalized special varieties of salt will appear in the supermarket shelves, the survival of the fittest market will also be forced to upgrade salt salt enterprises, mergers and acquisitions will pull the curtain. National Development and Reform Commission urged all localities to strengthen salt retail market especially in outlying and poverty-stricken areas and minority area economy owes the developed price monitoring, focusing on analysis early warning, when the salt market abnormal fluctuation, to take timely and effective measures to maintain reserves, salt price stability. In case of fluctuations, special circumstances can be taken in accordance with the law of temporary price intervention or other emergency measures to prevent abnormal fluctuations in the price of ordinary salt. At the same time, to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the salt price, give full play to the 12358 price supervision platform, timely report complaints, investigate and punish price gouging, price collusion, hoarding and profiteering unfair price behavior, and earnestly safeguard the market order of salt. Consumers can report price violations through 12358 price supervision platform. In order to do a good job in remote and poor areas of low income group and security work, the national development and Reform Commission, the country according to local conditions, flexible choice of government subsidies or direct subsidies to the poor transportation costs etc., protect the outlying and poverty-stricken areas and less)相关的主题文章: