NBA basketball basketball recommendation Friday 307 bulls (-6.5) vs Nicks – Sohu stand by me shinee

NBA SMG recommended: 307 Bulls basketball Friday (-6.5) VS Nicks – Sohu NBA basketball SMG Friday 307 field   (-6.5) VS Nicks; bull game time: 2016-11-05 08:00 SMG recommended: basketball victory, let the game analysis found: NBA regular season Eastern focus of the war, the bulls in Chicago against New York United Center Nicks. The bull on a 100-107 away defeat to Celtic, back three core state in general, three of the total only 50 points per game, starting five only dropped into 2 record three points, 3 straight start disadvantages completely unmasked, was the end of the 3 wins and 1 losses ranked sixth in the east. Nicks this season, although the lineup of luxury lineup lineup, but the beginning of the game has only 1 wins and 3 negative poor performance, apparently not fully run into a chemical reaction. The last game in the home court 99-119 defeat rockets, two starting line Bohr Tianjin Giese Nuo A no one has score warfare, two people close to Pohl Zingis’s free throw 3 points. After the game Nicks suffered 2 defeats, state downturn. Summary: the last 10 times against bull and Nicks each have 5 wins and 5 losses tied, but the last 10 home court against Nicks bull 9 wins and only 1 negative, home court advantage. The game is also the former Chicago MVP Ross and Nuo A inside the pillars in Chicago for the first time the United Center, Wushirenfei, two people will no longer have the power, the decline in serious condition. Moreover, the Ross and Anthony will face the Bulls backcourt three core siege, adverse situation. Nicks is poor, poor offensive defense is weak, compared with the bulls.相关的主题文章: