NBA’s first female referee announced his retirement 20 years hard break question (video)

NBA’s first female referee announced his retirement 20 years hard break questioned NBA the most beautiful the chest is pressing was small and the Clippers had just hit the chest assassin is Beijing time on September 23rd, according to NBC sports news, the violet – Palmer, her career is not the referee in 1997, she Everything is going smoothly., and di Kanter to become the NBA’s top two female referee. Palmer, the first female judge in NBA history, but as an African American woman, Palmer entered a professional sport for men. At that time, there are many professional players such as Charles – Barkley and Denis – Scott questioned whether women can enforce the law of men’s sports. Although the fans have been on the expression of dissatisfaction with the judges on the Internet, but compared to the discrimination and abuse by Palmer to compare other unfair treatment by the referee is simply not worth mentioning. However, it turns out that Palmer’s excellent law enforcement has allowed him to play for NBA for 20 years, including the 2014 all star game. At that time, she questioned the players, including Barkley, including the face of their own time to apologize for improper remarks. Today, the legendary career of the referee announced the departure of the court. Palmer, 52, has been in the NBA game for nearly 20 seasons, but has been unable to continue her job as a result of years of knee injury. But she will continue to serve as a management position for the NBA referees. Above from the official website: NBA Disclaimer: sports Tencent posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: