Negative economic growth, the Northeast People’s sense of well-being is not low

Negative economic growth, northeast of happiness is not low, the   Sun Xingjie; the National Bureau of Statistics recently released economic data of the provinces. Among them, the economy of Liaoning province is still negative growth of 1%, the bottom of the country. The short term, Liaoning GDP "positive" hopeless. Fortunately, in addition to the key data outside the GDP, such as income, consumption and employment rate, is good, this is also the Liaoning economy bottomed out in the hope of people’s livelihood, well, the bottom is strong, the rebound in the space is greater. Liaoning economy is in the structural transformation of the mouth, the decline of traditional industries is serious, the new industrial development is relatively slow, in this gap, shrinking the economy is difficult to avoid. The decline of traditional industries is brought about by the economic downturn, and the development of new industries will determine the future of energy and height rebound. From a long term point of view, Liaoning’s economy is in a historical turning mark, in the pain of metamorphosis metamorphosis. It is comforting to see that Liaoning’s per capita disposable income, total retail sales of social consumer goods and employment indicators are relatively good, which laid the foundation for Liaoning’s economic reform and economic recovery. Among them, the disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by 4.3% and 4.9%, total sales of social consumer goods grew by 8.1%. These two data show that the residents did not because of the economic difficulties of GDP shrink. The more critical data is the employment rate. Economists have long viewed GDP growth and employment as the two most important economic data. Data show that the first half of 413 thousand new jobs in Liaoning city. Among them, the residents of the service sector to attract employment 152 thousand people, the stimulating effect on employment is particularly evident. The development of the service industry, has become a new engine of economic growth in the future of Liaoning, entrepreneurial enthusiasm and motivation are aroused, behind this is actually a change in the concept of people, the concept of iron rice bowl in desalination. The lack of the northeast economy is the spirit of entrepreneurship, a sense of the market and the spirit of adventure. GDP does not look good, but the Northeast People’s happiness index is not low. I am in the northeast, a friend of the south to visit, said the people of the northeast is very sympathetic, but I did not feel this way. If you go to the main shopping center, you can’t see the downturn or shrink. A city of northeast rate is relatively high, the Northeast People’s character is relatively straightforward, summer night, everywhere on the line and drink beer consumption crowd, has gradually become the main driving force of economic growth in Northeast china. Although the economy is difficult, but the income of residents, consumption, employment rate of three stable data for the early realization of the economic rebound in Liaoning to create a foundation, but also to create the conditions for deeper economic reforms. At present, the local government should take advantage of favorable conditions, and actively promote industrial innovation, and promote the rapid development of the service sector. In addition, the central government recently in the northeast for active research, policy and industry support for the project, the more capital to Shanhaiguan, the northeast also need to improve the business environment, activate the local market vitality, bring new vitality and sustainable development of the economy system for a long time. The sustained growth of the economy, the employment rate is still dependent on capital investment, relying on emerging industries. Any reform and breakthrough in the crisis forced.相关的主题文章: