NetEase’s first music road film premiere of the world record young musicians attitude

NetEase’s first music Road Movie World Premiere Recording of young musicians attitude advocate a new network – Ma Di, Huo statue, Li Xiaoyun joined the NetEase’s first musical road movie world premiere recording of young musicians attitude advocated in new network on 26 September, September 24th, a joint NetEase, NetEase news cloud music East Nissan create the first road movie "my music the world is not" world premiere held in beijing. Ma Yi, Huo Zun, Li Xiaoyun three protagonists live chat for the first time the feeling of electric shock. As the season of NetEase "ideal Music Season" blockbuster news links, NetEase hopes that the representatives of the Ministry of youth ideal and attitude that film, inspire more young users resonate, also let the real ideal attitude of young people through the NetEase news this platform to showcase their talents and have more chance of dreams. "I and the world." the film lasted two months, a true record of the Ma Di, Fok Chun and Li Xiaoyun three original music going south visiting north more than 3 thousand km across, find the original music city people in Xi’an, Hulun Buir, Dali City, Matouqin, long, Shaanxi China and other folk art treasures shine in the film. Visit different city in three leading search for traditional folk music or originality of original music, a generation of young people for music interpretation and also to highlight the ideal attitude. In the film, Huo statue in the vast Hulun Buir Grassland to sing that long, and the best local music builders Hu Handmade Nuss map learning dances, and Mongolia original music group hasar combined music melodious music. "Such a journey of music helps to strengthen the belief that pure ideals are not inclined to desire." Huo respect said. Different from the vast prairie, Ma Di and the ancient city of Xi’an from his encounter and Epang cavity (the earliest Qinqiang heir Andy Liu) a period of apprenticeship experience begins. Year after year the opera art handed down, Ma Di in Fuping County, Shaanxi opera troupe who see and live as a pleasurable occupation charm, with four dialect in Shaanxi rock band top black Caesar band together to sing, let Ma Di find like-minded people with "follow own will live is the ideal significance." Li Xiaoyun loves to travel to Dali has long attracted quiet and elegant, the trip to Dali also let her harvest a large number of musicians moved or born with this wonderful voice, mobile phone demo and a lot of rich. And Dali musicians playing with profound exchanges, and Yi people Gao Hongzhang music, Li Xiaoyun has also been the pursuit of the ideal or music companion inspired, lamented the "ideal is the pursuit of the ideal itself." In addition to leading film production of "I and the world with Music Documentary" road movie, as this season’s "ideal Music Season" activities of the whole media platform, at the same time to the NetEase news media perspective on the issue of original music city in-depth excavation, caused the whole society to pay more attention to the folk and original music, launched a music attitude on behalf of the nomination, to build a "city of original music platform users, stimulate the user’s broad participation, to fully tap the mobile Internet media.相关的主题文章: